10 Best Disney World Deals for Your Next Family Vacation

10 Best Disney World Deals for Your Next Family Vacation

November 28, 2020 Off By Lauren

There really is no place quite like Disney World. 

Throughout your life, the magic Disney brings to people is difficult to miss. Almost everywhere you go, that joy follows. Talk to anyone whose been to Disney, they got a lot to praise.

If you’re ready to be part of the enchantment but was waiting for the right moment, this is it. Some of the best Disney World deals are happening right now! As the holiday approaches, you don’t want to miss out on holiday festivities.

Read on to see what deals you can take advantage of now so you can start enjoying ASAP. 

Magic Is Here Package

This deal is pretty unbelievable. If you want to really commit to 4 days of magic, here’s your chance.

You can save up to $500 on a 4-night, 4 day Walt Disney Travel Company room and ticket package! It’s at select Disney Resort hotels. 

This is valid for stays most nights September 4th through December 25th, 2020. You can book through December 25th, 2020.

If you’re worried about committing and then having a change of plans, don’t! Any Disney-imposed change and cancellation fees will be waived up to the date of check-in, so you can rest knowing that you’re protected no matter what.

Florida Residents Discount

If you’re living in Florida, you have an even bigger reason to smile (besides the sunny weather and beautiful beaches).

As a Florida resident, you can save up to 35% on room reservations at select Disney World hotels on most nights from September 1st through December 25th. You gotta be sure you can prove Florida Residency at check-in. How do you do that?

To prove your residency, you’ll need one of the following:

  • Valid Florida driver’s license (must have a Florida address)
  • Valid Florida state-issued ID card (must have a Florida address)
  • Valid Florida-based military ID

You’re also able to prove residency online!

Once again if you change your mind, you can modify or cancel your reservation through April 30, 2021.

Free Disney Dining Plan

One of the most popular deals and plans is Disney’s Free Dining Plan. This is an offer included to guests who pay full price for the Magic Your Way packages (which is purchasing full price rooms and park tickets). 

This seems too good to be true, how does it work? With the Disney Dining Plan, you are purchasing a certain number of meals ahead of time using a credit system. For every night you stay, each guest on your reservation receives an allotment of different types of meals. 

This ranges from quick-service meals all the way to table service. The number of which varies depending on your package and nightly stays. 

This dining plan is ideal for larger parties in a single room or if the party has children. Don’t be slow to book though! Popular dates and resorts book up fast for this discount. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, be sure to jump on car parking

PIN Codes 

Often a hidden gem, PIN codes are well-loved by Disney enthusiasts who love to find a good deal. They’re only sent to a select few and the offers are often better than the deals available to the general public.

Although the secrets to becoming a recipient of these exclusive pin codes are pretty secretive, there’s a good amount of information out there on how to wiggle your way into the club.

With absurdly good deals, you’ll be sure to be fine with putting in some extra detective work. 

Stay, Play, Dine & Stay

Generally, this is a winter release deal for those who like to travel early in the following year. It’s additional bundle savings on the already beloved Magic Your Way vacation package. There are not many specifics but the savings can be up to $600 for a family of four!

There are ~50% off savings in the Disney Dining Plan and although it can be hit or miss at times, it’s a popular choice for the potential of additional savings.

Annual Passholder Offer

If you’re an annual passholder, you’re in luck. You’ll get better room-only discounts than the general public. It’s also good to check for specific changing deals; right now annual passholders get 10% off food and beverages!

Although it may not seem like much, these rotating deals and offers add up!

The latest deal for annual passholders is that they can save up to 40% off rooms at select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels for travel dates of September 1st through December 25th. Don’t wait though, you’ll need to book by December 25th!

2020 Military Offer

Both active and retired U.S. military personnel can receive room discounts throughout 2020. Outside of room discounts, there are also park discounts. They tend to vary throughout the year but are often generous.

Deals are constantly shifting so be sure to check for more specific deals and discounts.

Foreign & Association Discounts

Similar to military offers, Foreign & Association discounts are mainly for guests from overseas. They can receive 30-40% off rooms plus Free Disney Dining Plan. These deals are only available through foreign travel agents and tend to be better than deals given to people from the U.S.

If you’re coming from another country and looking to get in on the Disney fun, be sure to look into this deal. 

Authorized Walt Disney World Ticket Seller Discounts

Although they’re limited, there are a handful of third parties that are authorized by Disney World to sell tickets at a discount. For the most part, the savings aren’t incredibly impressive but the results vary widely depending on where you buy and the type of ticket.

It can be a great find if there is a well discounted authorized ticket but keep in mind, there are a lot of scammers ready to sell you something fake. Always check to make sure the tickets are authorized. Generally, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

If you don’t qualify for a Florida Resident or Military discount, this is a good deal for you.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club is an exciting vacation club membership where you can stay at Disney locations for years to come. DVC is mentioned because if you tend to travel often, there are great deals associated with being a DVC member.

Currently, you can stay at the Aulani Resort in Hawaii by saving up to 40% on Studios and Villas when you stay for 3 consecutive nights! It’s valid most nights January 4th – March 11th, 2021. 

DVC also has use years, which marks the time each year when you receive a new allotment of Vacation Points. There’s plenty of info on how to find out the best DVC use year for you and your family. 

Best Disney World Deals

There’s never a better time to grab your mickey mouse ears and search everywhere for the best vacation packages for Disney World. With all these great offers, there’s bound to be a ton of savings in store for you.

Focusing less on the finances and more on the joy is the goal. These are the best Disney world deals to get you excited about stepping foot into the most magical place on Earth. 

Loved knowing about all the amazing deals available to you? Be sure to check out our travel blog for more! It’ll be sure to satisfy any wanderlust.