10 Midwest Road Stops to Pull Over

The United States is known to be one of those countries where getting behind the wheel with your friends or family members on the backseat is an adventure in itself. The country has a lot of awesome stops along the road that will make your journey an unforgettable one. If you are planning a trip to the North Central region of the country or the Midwest, these are the road stops that you shouldn’t dare of missing. From most populous state, Illinois to America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin, here are the best stopovers in Midwest.

1. Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois


This miniature version of the Italian tower in Europe only leans half as much as the real thing and at 94 feet, it is only half as tall as the tower in Pisa. The tower stands at a center of a park. For a quick bite, you can drive to Des Plaines which was the first McDonalds’ franchise or catch a flight in nearby O’Hare airport.

2. World’s Largest Catsup Bottle, Collinsville, Illinois


This huge landmark resembles Brook’s Old Original Tangy Catsup which used to be the best-selling ketchup in America. The landmark is actually a water tower which stands at 170 feet. This monument is highly cherished and the town even gathers around the bottle to sing it a birthday song at the annual Catsup Bottle Festival.

3. Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, Iowa


This shrine was built by West Bend pastor Paul Dobberstein in honor of the Virgin Mary to show his gratitude for being cured. Built from semiprecious stones, geodes and agates, the shrine is the largest collection of petrified and geological minerals and with a length similar to that of a football field, the shrine took 50 years to be completed.

4. Graceland Too, Holly Springs, Missouri

Open 24 hours, this place is just the stop for people who can’t get enough of Elvis. The home’s proprietor, Paul McLeod is obsessed in all things Elvis and the house is filled with the King’s memorabilia from costumes t postcards and a full tour will only take an hour and a half.

5. Paul Bunyan Statue, Bemidji, Minnesota

paul bunyan

One of the American folktales tells about a giant lumberjack who became the personification of vitality and strength across the U.S. The first statue of this mythical hero which is deemed to in the boxy statue in Bemidji which stands quite tall with his trusty sidekick Babe the Blue Ox by his side.

6. Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

You’ve heard about the U.K’s Stonehenge and if you want to see Midwest’s answer to that, you should head off to Alliance. This takes one of the wackiest spots in the US. And the peculiar arrangement of 38 autos definitely attracts the curiosity of many people on a road trip.

7. Longaberger Basket Headquarters, Newark, Ohio


Modeled after its Medium Market basket, the 7-story building replicates all the features of the product down to the handle and the tag although it is 160 times bigger than the real thing. Aside from being an unusual building, the headquarters also gained the record for the largest basket in the world.

8. Dakota Thunder, Jamestown, North Dakota

This giant concrete sculpture that resembles a buffalo has been around since 1959 but it was christened just recently. After grabbing the photo op, stop by the nearby National Buffalo museum.

9. Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City - Dinosaur Park

If you are expecting dinosaurs which look lifelike, you will be disappointed as the giant creatures which once roamed this world look more like Gumby than ferocious beasts out of a Jurassic Park novel. However, stopping over would be a great way to appreciate one of the country’s historical monuments.

10. The House on the Rock, Wisconsin

Located on the southwestern part of the state, this structure perched on a tall rock spire contains an eclectic collection of a lot of things from pipe organs to suits of armor to model airplanes. The world’s largest carousel can also be found here.

If Midwest happens to be your destination on your next road trip, be sure to make the experience memorable and stop by some of these suggested stopovers.



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