10 US Cities to Spend Your New Year

Celebrating New Year is a lot of fun especially when you are planning to greet the upcoming year in a different place. It would be awesome to see how a foreign place celebrates the event. There’s so much to look forward to and it would be more exciting if you cap off the current year with an adventure. For those who are planning to be in the USA for the New Year, here are some suggestions as to the best cities to celebrate.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans

Those who love to watch people would find this as a great place. The friendly neighborhood, the singles scene and the cocktails are just 3 reasons to spend the New Year here.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you want to take the kids out during the holiday, then Hawaii is just the place to visit as it is one of the most kid friendly destinations in the country. The fireworks display over Aloha Tower Marketplace and Waikiki Beach is such a pretty picture.

3. Savannah, Georgia


This coastal city in Georgia is quaint and it is one of the most pedestrian friendly cities in the country and this is a great place to spend a carefree New Year. January 1 is the day for the yearly Polar Bear Plunge and even if you do not have a lot of money, that will not be a problem because there’s a free music festival that is held at the City Market and you can witness the fireworks display in Tybee Pier.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for a wild and raucous celebration for the New Year, the city which is at the bottom of the list for peace and quiet is your best bet. There are year-end parties almost everywhere which lasts way past midnight.

5. Phoenix, Arizona


This desert city has a lot of all-in-one resorts and luxury hotels so you will not have a lot of problems in looking for a base camp while spending the holidays in the city. This is just the place to drop by when you are looking for fun.

6. San Antonio, Texas

The Riverwalk in this city is one of the reasons why there are a lot of people who are planning to visit the city. In New Year’s Day, the Riverwalk exudes even more charm with free music during the evening and a flamboyant display of fireworks at midnight. Since this city has a lot of affordable hotels and sumptuous ethnic food and barbeque, this surely makes it into the top destinations this New Year.

7. San Diego, California

san diego

If you are looking for great outdoors, then this laidback city is your best choice. Downtown area is host to several nightclub and hotel-sponsored parties. Plus, the climate in the city makes it a favorite among travelers.

8. Austin, Texas

For those who are up for a great singles scene and for live music then this city is the perfect destination. With its almost innumerable lane of bars, this is also a great getaway if you are planning to have a wild weekend.

9. San Francisco, California

san fran

Despite the fact that San Francisco is not that affordable and you have to be a bit full in the pockets when you decide to spend the New Year here, it remains to be a great destination. And, it is one of the top destinations for cultural activities.

10. Charleston, South Carolina

For a New Year in a charming town, this city is your best bet. It’s pretty quiet here and there are a lot of boutique hotels and B&Bs.

With the sheer number of cities in the US, you can definitely find a city which can meet all the things that you want about the place where you spend the New Year.



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