3 Picturesque Routes for an American Road Trip

America is that one place where road trips are just the thing. In fact, going cross country happens to be an attraction in itself and many people from other countries visit America with a route in mind. There’s much to see along the way and being on the road itself seems to be one of the most America thing to do. It doesn’t matter whether you have an RV or a fast car or with whom you are doing the road trip because you are surely in for an unforgettable experience. Obviously, the best time to do those road trips is during the summer. Here are some route suggestions for your road trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway


The 470 mile drive is worth looking forward to as there are lots of wonderful things that await you on the road. The majestic mountains along the way will take you from Virginia’s Shenandoa National Park to North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. When you are plotting your stop over along the way, be sure to allocate several days for this trip as there are unique towns and cultural activities that you shouldn’t miss. Although the drive itself is just 13 to 14 hours, it is best to take in the scenic sights along the route to have a better appreciation of your road trip. There are also several photo opps along the way, you can stop by the Blue Ridge and snap a picture. Another tourist destination which is deemed as one of the oldest in Rockbridge Country, the Natural Bridge of Virginia, is one of the best natural wonders in the route. If you love cliff views, you will adore Blowing Rock which happens to be 4,000 feet above the sea and there’s Waterrock Knob which is 6,000 feet high.

Pacific Coast Highway


Driving for 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco can be fun whether you are a road or a day tripper. In fact, this is exciting even for honeymooners. It runs from Southern California to Washington and the stretch which is full of great state parks and beach towns is the one from Los Angeles to San Francisco. If you are up for some whale watching make it a point stop by Santa Barbara as there’s no better place to watch those animals than there and there’s Malibu. A celebrity sighting in one of the beaches there is not unheard of. If wineries are just the thing for you stop by San Luis Obispo they’ve got fins bottles of wine in that place.

Hana Highway


The 68 mile trip along the highway that takes you through Hawaii’s Northeast Coast is definitely iconic. There are thrilling and wild twists, bends and curves that will give you a view of the tropical seascape. However, the view is not the only thing that you have to look forward to when you are coasting through the highway. Anybody who is in Hawaii can definitely say that they had a Hawaiian holiday when they take this route as there are waterfall pools along the highway. If you are planning to take a plunge in one of these pools, go for the Twin Falls which is highly accessible from the highway.

The best place to start your road trip is in a plantation village by the name of Paia. The place is frequented by highbrow families and surfers. If you have a mind to catch a hearty breakfast, stop by Charley’s. One trail that you can take if you are planning to stretch those legs and go for a walk is the Waikamoi Ridge Trail. This is a loop which is about a mile and the flat natural trail is a great place to stroll.



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