3 Unusually Functional Structures in Asia

Asia has the reputation for having a varied landscape but it is also undeniable that the real estate projects in the area cannot be ignored as several architectural structures are drawn into the limelight. Temples may be the most prominent and creative buildings in the continent but this are changing perhaps due to globalization. Asia is having a makeover and it is certainly great to see new buildings erected but there are just some structures that are getting more than their fair share of the fame. Here’s some:

Piano and Violin House, An Hui Province, China. People who are on their way to China’s Huainan province would surely expect to see the obvious signs of urbanism that has taken over most of the country such as skyscrapers, shopping centres and huge subdivisions but they’d be shocked to see none of those, just one unusual building — a surprisingly amazing house in the shape of a violin that leans against a grand piano.



The violin in this crazy house is made from glass and it serves as the entry point to this house and this links the piano to the ground. The violin also serves as the building’s escalator. On the other hand, the piano has 3 legs made from concrete and what looks like the open top of the piano is actually a canopy with a roof terrace underneath. This unique structure in An Hui Province was erected to make people interested to the recent developments in the area. The locals already dubbed this to be China’s most romantic building.

Built in 2007 this place serves as the showroom for the plans for Shannan in Huainan City. The area also serves as a practicing area for music lovers and performers who are from Huainan city’s local college in East China. The building was said to have been built to a 50:1 scale and designed by the Hefei University of Technology. Due to the uniqueness of the structure, many newlyweds and tourists stop by to snap pictures in front of the building.

Sun Cruise Hotel, South Korea. Going in a cruise is surely a once in a lifetime experience but everything just goes down the drain if you happen to have motion sickness. If you are intent on experience what it’s like to be on a cruise without the sea sickness, the Sun Cruise Hotel is your best bet. This hotel in South Korea emulates the look and feel of one of those cruise ships. This hotel actually looks like a ship which was washed ashore by a giant wave.


This 45-meter-high, 65-metre-long, and 30,000 ton vessel happens to have 211 rooms and it is fully equipped with a Korean and Western restaurant, hotel and condominium style rooms, a karaoke, a night club, a sea water pool and even a netted golf range. To make the experience feel like a real cruise, the sound of crashing waves and chirping birds are played in strategically placed speakers. Set pretty high on the beach, visitors have a great vantage point and a wonderful view of the sea although vertigo sufferers should beware.

National Fisheries Development Board, India. The coordinating agency between fishery agencies in India just took a creative turn with the opening of its new building in Hyderabad on April 2012. The agency actually embodied its function through its new building which happens to take the shape of a fish. Some people think that the structure is not too pretty as it is quite unusual. But the building is a great landmark though, who would be lost when they are looking for the agency when they will know right away that they are looking for a building which comes in the shape of a fish? While in India, snapping a picture or two of this building would surely be awesome.




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