4 Must Visit Toy Stores in the US

Who doesn’t love toys? At one time, we all cried our hearts out to have that toy that captured our fancy. Although some of us wouldn’t do that anymore, at least not the wailing and kicking while on the floor, it is still great to visit toy stores. Kids would surely love the prospect of visiting a place filled with different playthings and, just a word of caution; you might spend a fortune in those places. Needless to say, taking the time even to merely go sightseeing will bring back cherished memories of childhood. With hundreds if not thousands of toy stores in the United States, it’s tough to say which toy store is the best, but here are a few suggestions.

Toys ‘R’ Us, New York


Although most of the Toys ‘R’ Us chains are typical, you’d be amazed at the chain which can be found in Times Square. Even if you have taken a huge chunk of time touring various toy stores in the world, you’d still see that this is still one of the best. Why? Remember Jurassic Park? Although there are theme parks with dinosaurs and a LEGO version is not as scary as the real thing, it is still something that keeps running through your head. The LEGO Tyrannosaurus–Rex even makes roaring sound, now, isn’t that amazing? Another thing that will surely capture your attention is the Barbie doll house which happens to be human–sized and 2 storeys to boot! And if you are not impressed by what the store has to offer, try riding on the 60 feet Ferris wheel inside the store. If you are wondering, yes, the place is not big, it is massive.

Lark Toys, Kelloggg, Minnesota

lark toys

This place is yet to be discovered and people hardly know that this place exists but this is one of the best. If you never have the chance to peek at what the store looks like, just imagine a piece of the boardwalk in the 50’s version of Coney Island. Carousels have always been a prime attraction not only in amusement parks but also in toy stores and where carousels are concerned; Lark Toys’ hand carved version is surely something to look forward to. Just by the waterfall made from Kool-Aid there’s an 18-hole golf course, a llama petting zoo, huge selections of children’s’ books, trick mirrors and lots of gag gifts.

Charles Ro Supply Co., Malden, Boston, Massachusetts

charles ro

Located in a huge building in Boston’s suburbs, this train toy company occupies a place which is meant to resemble a railway. Indeed, you will be lost in a world filled with trains inside this building and if you are thinking about visiting this place, be sure to do it on Saturdays. Stop by the building from 10 am to 4 pm because this is the time when the electric trains run. And, this is not your typical railway toy because the trains run in 6 different tracks in 3 levels.

FAO Schwartz, New York City

Once you enter the store, you’ll be greeted with a clock tower that sings a song to welcome people to a world of toys. If you watched the movie Big, you are surely wondering where Robert Loggia and Tom Hanks were when the danced on a giant piano’s keyboard-this is actually that place. This megastore in 5th Avenue is great not just for kids but also for adults and it would be impossible not to have fun when you are in this store. Aside from the giant keyboard, you will also love the doll adoption center, a candy shop for those who love sweet stuff and there’s also a zoo for stuffed animals.



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