4 South America Destinations for the New Year

There are pros and cons about traveling at the end of the year. If you are planning to complete a list of travel destinations and to squeeze another trip before closing off a year and at the same time experiencing the culture in a new place will make you feel complete. Unfortunately, spending the New Year will mean premiums especially when you are off to South America which is popular for its world-class celebrations and you have to gear up for a sea of people as the trip will not be a solemn one. You can expect nothing but the most sensational and lively parties from these destinations:

1. Punta del Este, Uruguay

punta este

This city which doubles as a resort in southern Uruguay’s Atlantic Coast is an awesome place to spend the New Year. This is that one place where your goal should be to see and be seen. The resort is often compared to the Hamptons as it is really popular with the rich and the famous people in Brazil and in Buenos Aires. The best place to be in at the close of the year is the lavish private homes and the trendy clubs that dot the landscape. For those who want a thinner crowd, this is a great option as soirees are often exclusive and invitation only. At midnight, there is an awesome fireworks display which can be viewed from the Our Lady of candelabra harbor.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

año nuev rio

Rio is best known for its flamboyant displays and sensational performances during the Carnival. Just like the carnival, you can expect the event to start since the early hours of the day. Since Brazilians are as spiritual as they love parties, everyone wears white to pay tribute to the goddess of the sea. One of the most beautiful firework displays in the world can be found in the country and since this is Brazil, Samba across the beach and Copacabana waves are present in bountiful amounts. However, for those who are planning to be in Rio this New Year, it is important to make reservations ahead of time as the prices for the rooms can be inflated and making advanced reservations can make the trip easier on your pockets.

3. Cartagena, Colombia


For travelers who can stay up to greet the upcoming year, Cartagena is a great destination. On New Year’s Day, people occupy the streets and bring out tables and chairs for a street party. Hostels and bars also host parties and there are musical gatherings which is perfect for young people.

4. Valparaiso, Chile


For those who weren’t able to make reservations for Rio or those who are looking for an alternative, the Cultural Capital of Chile is the perfect place to greet the New Year. Being one of the most historic towns in the country and tucked in the hills along the Pacific Ocean, the city overs an awesome view especially when you witness the dancing fireworks in the night sky. The New Year celebration here actually lasts for 3 days and to be sure that no one will miss the fireworks display, all city lights are turned off and fireworks are launched from 15 locations. Performers and musicians from all over the world play their piece to entertain the crowd and parties last up until 8 in the morning.

South America is definitely a great place to be when you are up for parties and a wild New Year celebration. If you decide to grab the chance to spend New Year here, be sure to check the prices ahead of time, after all, celebrating the year with empty pockets is not an ideal way to cap off an adventurous year.



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