5 Best Campervan Destinations in the UK

5 Best Campervan Destinations in the UK

May 19, 2020 Off By Lauren

Nothing beats campervan travel, the freedom of the open road and everything you need right there with you. It’s also a cheaper method of travel, as the main cost will be your campervan hire, and you’ll save plenty during your trip through cooking your own meals and choosing the right campsites. Nothing beats a campervan holiday in the UK, with plenty of incredible destinations and gorgeous landscapes. Here are our favourite destinations in the UK for your next campervan holiday.

1. Cornwall

An obvious choice, one we simply must mention right away! Cornwall is the perfect holiday getaway, a summer paradise on the shores of the UK. There are endless beaches to choose from, which offer a wide selection of watersports. Take this opportunity to surf or try diving, and your motorhome will carry the necessary equipment with ease.

It’s great for a motorhome holiday as you can park right on the beaches, with the sound of waves to lull you to sleep and an incredible view for your morning coffee. You can choose between campsites and free camping options, and it’s also a nice destination for both families and solo travellers. Be sure to try some traditional Cornish pasties and visit an open air theatre whilst there!

2. Lake District

This UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 2017) is located within Cumbria, it is the most visited national park in the UK. This is a classic weekend getaway, perfect for a campervan holiday. You’ll find plenty of campsites to park at, as free camping is not encouraged here, and from there you can try various hikes or bike rides. There are also plenty of activities available for adrenaline junkies, such as rock climbing, zip wiring and canoeing. 

3. Edinburgh

Take your campervan to the Scottish capital for the perfect city trip. It’s the ideal starting point for a further road trip, or a great place end point for a few glamorous days enjoying this city. It has an incredible number of museums, as well as great whisky tastings and tourist sites. You can camp just outside the city in your motorhome, and save money during your city trip on meals and accommodation! 

4. Great Yarmouth

If you’re looking for a traditional British seaside holiday, then Great Yarmouth is the perfect campervan destination for you. Tucked away in Norfolk, you can spend endless days enjoying the sandy beaches, well stocked piers and delicious seafood restaurants. They’re also known for their great Sea Life aquarium, as well as Victorian heritage sites.

5. Snowdonia

One of the most beautiful regions in Wales, Snowdonia has both mountainous terrain and sandy beaches. It’s a great motorhome destination for hikers, as you’ll enjoy challenging yourself with Snowdon mountain. This national park is an ideal place for camping with a campervan and will allow you to truly escape the bustle of daily life.

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The best part of a campervan is the flexibility, that you can choose your destinations as you go without being tied to public transport tickets or hotel bookings. So start exploring the UK in a campervan and enjoy the varied regions across it!