5 Ideas for an Active South American Vacation

There is much to do in South America than just a trip to Manchu Picchu and to the huge statue of the Christ the Redeemer. For those who are not up for a usual trip to the Southern part of America, there are wonderful activities to do in several countries in the continent. Here are some of the best suggestions which can give you much to think about especially when you are the active sort.

Hiking in Cordillera Blanca (Peru)


For those who do not shy away from strenuous activities, a trip to Laguna 69 would be one of the best things to do while in the country. You can catch a ride on a collective from the nearby Huaraz. However, you have to prepare yourself for the ever changing climate and the increasing altitude can cause a bit of nausea. The hike takes about six hours and you will be in for an exhausting experience although it would be well worth it when you have reached your destination as the Peruvian Andes offers an incomparable site.

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean Coast (Colombia)


The city may be an exciting one but you might find yourself in need for an escape from the buzzing city. If you are itching for something more exciting that just sightseeing and buying souvenirs for your trip home, you can go on a trip to the little fishing village of Taganga near the Caribbean coast. You can just ride a taxi to the village of Santa Marta. The best thing about this village is that you can buy smoothies made from fresh fruits from the locals and there are cafes and restaurants that serve a wide array of dishes. But aside from the food and the ambiance, you would love the opportunity to go scuba diving without paying a fortune. Plus, you will find that the place doesn’t disappoint.

Visit an Island (Bolivia)

islas bolivia

Island hopping should be on your to do list when you are in South America and one of the best islands in the continent is Isla del Sol which is in Lake Titicaca’s Bolivian side. You can reach this beautiful island from Copacabana and this place paints the perfect picture for a paradise. There is an Inca Stairway which leads into the island. You might need to do a bit of walking while in the area but the incomparable background is worth all your trouble and the area provides the best photo opportunity.

Sightseeing and Wine Tasting in Cafayate (Argentina)


There are two things that you can do best while you are in the country, enjoying the scenery while having a fine time in trying the wine. Cafayate is one of the most popular towns in the country because of its wine and there is a lot of wilderness which attracts hikers to spend some time exploring the area. But, if you are not the type of person who fancies a hike, then you can always go on a bus tour. You will also enjoy the food which are served on local restaurants.

Cycling from Banos to Puyo (Ecuador)


If you are a cyclist, then you will know the adrenaline rush of going from one point to another and you can just rent a bike here. Venturing into the mountain roads will allow you to feast on the awesome view and there are a lot of intriguing people and places that you can stop by while you are in the vicinity.
South America is a great place to be especially if you want to have adventurous vacations. These are just some of the best suggestions on the activities on your next vacation.



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