5 Must Visit Natural Formations in the U.S.

While man has the ability to construct ostentatious works of art through engineering, nature has a way of creating a view beyond the reach of man’s fantasy and imagination! There is a magical quality among formations made through natural means and if you want to experience the full magnificence of nature’s best creations while in the United States, here are some ideas as to your best stops.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


No one will be surprised to find this park on the list as there are so many wonderful things about this place and for everyone who is planning to visit the U.S., Yellowstone should be one of the places that you should go to if your time and schedule permits. The Grand Prismatic Spring is particularly of interest and with its swirling colors you just might think that your eyes are failing you. There is a surreal quality about U.S.A’s largest hot spring. The spring’s water is saturated blue but there’s a red color akin to lava that surrounds it. Since the park stand on a volcanic system, the spring is heated by underground vents and the secret behind the reddish hue around the spring is pigmented bacteria. Since the spring’s center is too hot for bacterium to thrive, they remain on the edges of the spring producing an unusual sight to anyone who is out sightseeing.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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This slot canyon in Southwestern U.S.A. is the most photographed and the most visited. The canyon is referred to in 2 discrete sections, The Crack or the Upper Antelope Canyon and The Corkscrew or The Lower Antelope Canyon. The origins of the place can be attributed to the erosion in Navajo sandstone particularly the flash floods. The canyons are particularly beautiful when a beam of light highlights the area as the sight looks quite heavenly.

Fly Geyser, Nevada


This place is a bit of a secret that even the residents in Nevada are not aware of its existence because it is located in a privately owned territory making it inaccessible to a lot of people. Tourists are barred from visiting the area by a locked gate and high fences around the perimeter. The geyser is partly manmade and partly natural as it was created by chance when a well was being drilled. After operating for a number of years, a weak spot where geothermal water leaked into the surface was discovered and the well went out of order. But, instead of just being an abandoned spot, the geyser was formed and it became extraordinary as the dissolved minerals started their sculpting job and the variety of such minerals created various hues. Indeed, the geyser looks straight out of a science fiction or a fantasy movie due to its unusual coloring.

The Wave, Arizona


This sandstone rock formation in the Vermillion Wilderness near the border between Utah and Arizona appears something out of a surreal painting due to the unusual wavelike forms. The formation of the waves was due to the Navajo Sandstone’s erosion in the Jurassic period which resulted to U-shaped troughs. The colorful sandstone formation attracts a lot of people because they are unexpectedly beautiful and they are a favorite subject among photographers.

Hamilton Pool, Austin, Texas

hamilton pool

This jade green pool in this natural pool is one of the best places to cool off during summers. The natural pool is said to have originated from the collapse of a dome in the underground river. There’s also a 15 meter waterfall that flows into the pool and there’s limestone at the edge of the water. Surrounded by trees and rich fauna, the place looks like a magical place to escape to.




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