5 Places To Have An Awesome View of The Northern Lights This Winter

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis/Australis refer to dancing lights which come in pale green or red hues. Best seen during the winter months when it is already close to midnight, watching the aural displays is definitely one thing that you should experience, at least once in your life.

The Northern Lights is the result of collision between charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere with the particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. Needless to say, this unique phenomenon was surrounded by legends and myths. During the medieval period, this display was seen to be an omen that indicated famine or war. Despite all of the stories that surround these lights, it is undeniable that seeing it for real doesn’t come close to watching videos or pictures. For those who are planning to see what these Northern Lights are like, here are the top locations which offer the best views.

1. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


Since the Northern Lights are best seen in winter, you should expect that it would be a cold affair but there’s one good place to view the wonderful light displays while remaining warm, in a hot spring. In the United States, Fairbanks has been determined to be the best place for viewing these lights and the University of Alaska’s Geophysical Institute issue forecasts regarding the viewing condition for Aurora. There are two place places where you can go on a soak without missing the elaborate light displays, Manley Springs and Chena Resort. Between the two, Chena is a better choice as it alerts guests when the Aurora Lights switch on in the middle of the night plus, this place is more accessible from the airport in Fairbanks.

2. Jokulsarlon, Iceland


When you are in the country, you wouldn’t have any problem catching a sight of these lights as they can be viewed almost everywhere as long as the sky is clear and you are within the Arctic Circle’s boundaries although the southeast coast is highly recommended. The lagoons which are full of icebergs amplify the sight but you have to check the weather forecasts before heading out.

3. Finnish Lapland


The bridge near the border between Russia and Finland is one of the spots where you have a huge probability of having Aurora sightings and there’s also a cabin located in the Lapland wilderness in Muonio and Kilpisjarvi where the Aurora Zone offers an unparalleled view. While in the area, you can go husky-sledding or ride a snowmobile. Combining another new experience with these sightings is surely a great experience.

4. Abisko, Sweden


Clouds can really dampen Aurora sightings and this is one of the things that people who wish to view the Northern Lights are not looking forward to see. Fortunately, cloud covers are no problem when you are in Abisko and the Northern Lights would be the perfect background for a Swedish dinner. Since Abisko has one of the most cloud free skies in Scandinavia, you would relish this experience. The Aurora Sky Station here is the perfect place to spend the night.

5. Yellowknife, Canada


If you are hoping for an awesome view of the lights, Yellowknife is just the place to be but make sure to look for a heated chair to relish the experience. The Aurora Village where there is a teepee campground would be just the place to view these lights. Since temperatures here can drop to negative 40, you would surely need those heated seats.

Winters can be cold and bleak but there’s so much to look forward to during this season including the awesome light displays of nature. Taking in the spread of bright dancing lights is a good way to appreciate the beauty of nature.



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