5 Romantic Travel Destinations for Couples

5 Romantic Travel Destinations for Couples

June 4, 2019 Off By Lauren

Now that summer is here, long hot days and sultry nights set the stage for some serious romancing and one-on-one quality time with your significant other.

Traveling together is perhaps the best thing you can do for your relationship. You get to appreciate your partner more, create new memories together, and the bonding can even help you work together. If you’re searching for a place for a lovely romantic holiday that you’re likely to remember for years to come, you’re in luck.

Once you’re done with the stress and expense of your wedding celebration, your honeymoon should be a welcome and enjoyable getaway. Whether your idea of fun is to land on some seaside sandy beaches, explore a new town or troop to some faraway safari destination, the trip should be about cementing your romance and having the time of your life. Check out what we have for you:

1. Greece

Greece is one of the biggest attractions for both tourists and lovers alike. Its turquoise waters and sandy beaches attract visitors throughout the year. The warm weather and friendly locals make the islands a lover’s haven. Bathing nude is not uncommon. You can jump into the water with your lover and join other nude lovers, who won’t bat an eyelid, and who are too engrossed with themselves to bother with you anyway.

2. Croatia, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the most romantic town in Croatia for couples. Whether you choose an extended stay or just a few weeks, the city offers a variety of attractions that appear tailored to suit lovers. Check out the alleyways and cobblestoned streets of the old town, enjoy the sun setting at the Buza Bar and in the evening enjoy a sumptuous dinner in one of the city’s restaurants. Whatever you opt for, you’ll have a blast in Dubrovnik.

3. Cuba

Couples looking to visit Cuba for the first time will be amazed by the size of the island. It’s the largest in the Caribbean and visitors are drawn by the crystal waters, warm weather and the more than 200 white sandy beaches. Lovers can enjoy landscapes such as the Vinales Valley, Havana city and towns such as Trinidad.

Accommodation and food in many hotels are cheap. What the country lacks in hype, glitz, and glamour, it compensates well with its friendly people, affordable standards of living and lack of crime.

4. Tuscany, Italy

When it comes to the genuinely quirky lovers’ destinations, then Tuscany is for you. The waters coming from underground geothermal springs are said to contain some medicinal elements, and hundreds of visitors visit Tuscany every year to enjoy the hot springs.

Couples are invited into several of the thermal establishments for the natural hot water pools such as the Vignoni, Saturnia and San Filippo.

5. Zanzibar

Zanzibar island may be the most welcoming destination in the entire East African region. Local hotels take genuine joy in welcoming couples and pay particular attention to honeymooners.

With a mix of a rugged outback and stunning beaches, romantic and adventurous activities are limitless. This includes a tour of the ancient city, Stone Town and the famed Swahili dhow safaris.

If the lovers are bored with the hotel setting, they can go snorkelling, diving or kite-surfing among the many water sports available. And if this is not their thing, they can swim with dolphins in one of the most spectacular dolphin enclaves in the entire East African coast.