5 Tips to Make Your South American Trip Memorable

South America happens to be one of the craziest continents in the globe and there are a lot of cool things to discover while traveling around the area. There are some things that you have to bear in mind when you are off to this part of the world to relish the experience and to make the most of your upcoming trip.

south-america-mapColour, dancing and lots of adventures await those who are off to South America and the change in the atmosphere here is very different from that of other countries. When you are planning to go to any country in the region, be sure to go through this list to get some useful tips to make the most of your trip abroad.

Tip #1

Learn how to speak Spanish. There are nine major countries that are located in South America and eight of those countries speak Spanish. So, if you are on your way to South America, it only makes sense to brush up on your Spanish as it can be very helpful when you are navigating around the area. Getting a crash course before your trip may not be the best idea as you might end up flogging phrases that will make you stand out as a tourist. Immersion on the language in one of those South American countries is an awesome idea especially in Argentina, Peru and Ecuador.

Tip #2


Get on a chicken bus. One of the things that immediately stand out when you are in South America is the sore fact that trains are not too popular here and riding a bus happens to be the primary mode of transportation. While in the country, riding a regular tour bus can be great but riding a Chicken bus is awesome and it’s a great way to experience the culture of the place. You will be, literally, rubbing elbows with the locals and while in the bus, do your best to blend in with the crowd. You are in for an unforgettable ride as you are deemed to be tossed in with pranksters and the bus is stinky and really confusing.

Tip #3


Eat like one of the locals. There is a wealth of food in South America and those who are up for a gastronomic adventure would find themselves overwhelmed when they are in the country as there’s so much to try. If you happen to be here, dropping by the market to try the ceviche, empanada and the roasted guinea pig known as cuy are just some of the treats waiting for you. The stalls hold so many surprises and conversing with the local shop keepers can be a useful way to get hints as to the best local haunts and other tips that you can’t learn from your travel guide. Unfortunately, vegetarians may find it difficult to get their feel of vegan dishes except for fruits.

Tip #4

Tune in to the local radio station. DJs in South American radio stations tend to talk too fast for you to get any clue what they are blabbing about but you will learn lots about what’s the buzz on the street as well as the popular music. You can also catch some news that can affect your plans and sporting and cultural events are often aired on radio.

Tip #5

tourist trap

Avoid tourist traps. There are a lot of great activities in South America that do not get much attention in travel pamphlets and as much as possible veer away from tourist traps as it can ruin your vacation. Plus, be sure to give your best shot in blending in to get a real feel of how life goes like in South America.

Indeed, there is much to experience in South America and if you have it in your itinerary, be sure to check out these tips before preparing for your trip.




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