6 Great Food Stops in a U.S. Road Trip

When you are in the United States, the urge to get on the road is quite high as there are so many places to visit and road trips happen to be one of the best things to do while you are in the country. But while you are on the road, you will surely feel the call of your hungry innards and there’s only one way to ease your hunger –eat! Although fast food happens to be the most convenient way to feed yourself on the road, there are better options. There’s much to see on a road trip in the U.S. but there’s also much to taste. Here’s some of the best roadside food stops while you are on an American road tip:

1. Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish, Davis, Conroe, Texas


Located along I-45 about a hundred miles from Galveston, the house specialty of the place is catfish raised in Mississippi and served blackened, fried and breaded and lemon-peppered. Another must try in this restaurant is the Southern Sampler which is made of fried pickles, classic fried green tomatoes and fried yellow squash. The seating in the restaurant is limited to 40 but they offer take out.

2. Soulman’s Bar-B-Que, Van, Texas


If you are not looking for anything fancy just a filling meal that can last until the next road stop, then True Texas BBQ should be enough to line your stomach. Cooked slow and low over hickory wood, BBQ in this stop is feathery and the meat is cooked in such a way that the ribs fall of the bone. Portions are quite big but if beef is not your thing, you have the choice to go for smoked turkey and chicken which is as satisfying.

3. Iowa 80 Kitchen, Walcott, Iowa

iowa 80

Deemed to be the largest truck stop in the world, this building which was built by Standard Oil in 1964 serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and it is open round the clock. The kitchen in the main building is famous for its 50 feet salad bar. There’s also a trucker’s showroom and room and there’s a Truckers Jamboree in July.

4. Agawam Diner, US Route 1 & 33, Rowley, Massachusetts


This humble diner some miles from Boston is quite popular among road trippers and foodies who are looking for unusual fare along the way. For over 70 years, the place has been visited by hungry diners and when you are here, be sure to try the coconut cream pie and the creamy chicken pie.

5. Larkburger, Edwards, Colorado


Fast food may be the best stop when you are on a road trip but why would you settle for one of those stores when you can get superior burgers along the way? Located in I-70 in Colorado, you can enjoy burgers from 100% Black Angus beef from Larkburger. They also have hand cut fries and if you are up for great food which can last until the next meal, you should go for the Truffle Burger.

6. Voodoo Doughnut Portland, Oregon


Located along the I-5, this shop is open round the clock all days of the week. You can get burgers here and they also have a yeast doughnut which is topped with Captain Crunch and there is a maple bacon bar. If you haven’t tried this place, be sure to drop by when you are on your way to Oregon.

Being on the road can be a great experience in the US especially when you are a foodie. There are a lot of food stops to pull over and give in to your curious taste buds. Indeed, your road trip can be another gastronomic adventure.



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