7 Asian Festivals That You Should Not Miss

Asia is known for a lot of things. Visitors are making this their next destination because aside from the fact that the continent is known for its culture and for its scenery, the countries also have distinct traditions. Of course, you can go on a tour to various Asian countries to see what it is like in there but the best way to immerse yourself in the culture is to time your visit during a festival. Asia has a lot of unusual festivals that interest people from all around the globe. Here are some of the festivities that are quite unusual even for Asia.

Konaki Sumo, Japan. Sumo wrestling has made a name all over the world although some people still think that seeing men in diapers who are fighting to stay inside a ring is weird. In this sumo related festival, 200 babies are handed to students of Sumo. The wrestlers face each other with the baby in hand to see whose baby will cry first. The festival is held to wish for the children’s good health as it is a common belief in the country that babies who cry often grow up healthy.

Konaki Sumo, Japan

Boryeong Mud festival, South Korea. Mud packs are all the rage today and there’s even a festival for it. The mud festival in Korea is quite recent and it is held to promote Boryeong’s mineral rich mud which is deemed to have various skincare benefits. The weeklong festivity attracts a lot of attention not so much for the skincare benefits of the mud but for the simple joys offered by mudslinging.


Yue Lan, Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, China. The day of the festival is believed to be a time when the underworld opens and allows restless spirits to roam around the earth. The 2 to 3 day celebration involves lighting up incense and paper lanterns on the streets to keep ghosts at bay, fake money and paper representations of houses and cars are burned to pass these comforts to the other world.

Yue Lan, Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, China

Hadaka Matsuri, Japan. The naked man festival is a Shinto tradition that features Japanese men who are wearing fundoshis which is a Japanese loin cloth. In this festival, there’s one man who is naked and touching him is deemed to be lucky as this man is believed to have the ability to absorb evil deeds and bad luck.

Songkran Festival, Thailand. If you don’t mind getting wet and going wild, you would relish in taking part in Thailand’s Songkran festival. Taking place during Thailand’s hottest month, that is, on April. This happens to be the biggest water fight in the world. People bring out their ammunitions in the form of water guns, hoses and water balloons during this festivity. Water sprinkling used to be a bit ceremonial but it has taken a turn for the wild.

Diwali, India. This religious festival in India is also known to be the Festival of Lights. This festivity is one of the best times of the year and it is a celebration of good’s triumph over evil. This festivity is marked with lighting lanterns and candles and you can also look forward to the fireworks! This festival will give you a peek at Hindu culture.

Full Moon Party, Thailand. This famous festival in Kho Phangan is a monthly festivity which happens during the full moon. You will have many things to relish during this festival and you have to experience it to really get to know this infamous Asian feast.

Holi Festival, Shmoli, India. If you are up for a festival with bright colors, this is the perfect time to literally paint the town with dazzling hues of orange, red, purple and blue. This is also that one moment where you will go unpunished for plastering every person with powder which comes in bright colors.




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