7 Awesome Destinations for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone happens to be one of the most refreshing things to do especially when you have no one that you want to visit someplace with. Let’s face it, there are times when bringing someone along with you can ruin the entire trip. For one, you won’t be able to do what you want since you have to look out for your companion and consider his, her or their needs. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages in going off alone. For instance, no one else can account for your whereabouts and you have to rely on your own decisions. It’s a good thing that there are destinations that are perfect for those who are up for solo travel.

1. Sweden


This happens to be a city not just for sailors but also for hikers and nature lovers. There are treasures especially for those who love artsy stuff. There’s a hip vibe in this country and it is lined with small red cottages and there are thousands of lakes which has a perfect countryside atmosphere.

2. Vietnam


This may be a war torn country but this has ranked for friendliness and the accommodating nature of the people. Going on a bike trip here is not a problem and there are definitely a lot of destinations to haunt. Meeting the locals in the country would be an awesome way to while the time away and the pagodas and temples are interesting places to visit.

3. Germany


Having a lot of options can be troublesome but it can also be a good thing especially when you are up for being an independent traveler. Berlin happens to be one of the world’s friendliest cities and you can hang out in a café, plus, the hipster vibe in this city lives on. If you have a penchant for fairytales then the Black Forest would be the perfect spot to drop by. English is also widely spoken here so communication will not be an issue should you decide to pick Germany on your next solo trip.

4. Austria


The country has much to offer from the Sound of Music to the Mozart concerts. There are so many museums to explore not to mention the Hapsburg palace. Those who are traveling on their own should stay at one of the wine taverns or stay at a spa. There are also cruises across the Danube not to mention the ski party towns which are popular across Europe.

5. Costa Rica

costa rica

Being one of the few countries that does not have any an armed forces group, peaceful takes a whole new meaning as far as this country is concerned. Beaches happen to be the highlight of this country and this tropical paradise is a wonderful destination for those who are having their first adventure. There is so much to discover in the country including the geysers and the volcanoes as well as the river and the surf.

6. Switzerland


This country is really awesome and for those who want to be in a place where people mind their own business, this is just the place for it. Museums here are globally acclaimed and the country is very friendly to pedestrians. The scene tends to be very busy but the network of trails is highly integrated allowing easy access to major cities in the country.

7. Chile


If there is one place to be while in Latin America, Chile is one of your best bets especially if you are out looking for adventure. You can head off to the world’s driest desert or navigate the underground system in Santiago. With its friendly community, you will not be surprised to find yourself as a guest for barbeque or a meal.

Solo traveling is definitely an option but you have to plan where you are going to so you can look out for your safety.



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