7 of the World’s Most Fashionable cities

Fashion is one of the things that attract people from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Where fashion is concerned, cities are not made equal and there are certainly cities which have been dubbed as fashion capitals. For those who possess a penchant for being chic and stylish, fashionable cities would be great vacation spots. Indeed, there are a lot of great cities which can be dubbed as totally stylish but you can’t argue that there are really places that deserve the spotlight.

1. Barcelona


Old world architecture and modern fashion are integrated in Catalonia’s capital. One thing that you will immediately observe when you are in the city is the prevalence of Gaudi architecture and the existence of unique boutiques such as Private Bazaar where you can find samples from top designers including Tom Ford and Stella McCartney.

2. London

No one can say that UK’s capital is not stylish and it is just the place to visit a fantastic high street. Fashion favorites including Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen hail from the British capital. Street fashion always had a strong presence in this city from the sixties trend that included gogo boots and miniskirts to the present day fashion conscious individuals who flock to the East End while showing off their skinny jeans. Famous fashion schools operate in the city and there are a lot of upcoming stylists.

3. Milan


To those who are in the know of the latest in fashion, it might seem that this city is flashy but it is actually contrary to how it is known as. This Italian city is revered for the prevalence of contemporary design and there’s the Milan Furniture Fair where can fide a lot of great wares.

4. San Francisco

With the number of vintage and second hand boutiques in this city, you will have to reason to strike it off the list of the most fashionable among the world’s cities. Thrift store on Filmore are great mines for hand-me-down items including Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. However, the city’s claim to fame doesn’t stop there because the Bay Area is popular for its product design. After all, one of the leading consumer electronic brands, Apple, made its home in this city.

5. Madrid


Spain’s capital is such a gem with its stunning historic architecture that lines the street. There is much to gawk at from the Royal Palace to the city’s National Library to the opera house Teatro Real. Aside from the city holds a Fashion Week which features great designers including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada who is internationally acclaimed for her accessory collections which comes in a lot of colors.

6. New York

The concrete jungle gets a crown for being a fashion capital because of its curators, artists and there are designers. Of course, there’s Brooklyn where you can get cheap vintage to sustainable furniture then there’s Lower East Side where there are cool insider boutiques and Fifth Avenue is just the place to go luxury shopping. The people who make their home in this city possess global influence and there’s a varied style that is emitted not just by the shops but also by its residents.

7. Paris


The list of fashionable cities will never be complete if Paris is not there are it is the epitome of style. Hermes and Chanel actually originated from this place and at present, Paris draws a lot of attention due to the contemporary architecture.

There’s much to discover when you are planning to go to a foreign place but it is well worth the time, the money and the effort. For those who can’t get enough of fashion, visiting these cities is just the thing to do.



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