7 Scenic Routes for Long Walks in Europe

For most people, traveling might call to mind riding jets, being on the deck of a ship or inside a train. But, there’s much to do on a holiday that won’t require any means of transportation. There are actually awesome haunts that are best explored on foot. Long walks in the countryside are surely worth looking forward to particularly for those who love Europe’s great outdoors.

Via Francigena


This is one of Europe’s classic walking trails and it starts from Canterbury in the U.K. to Italy via France and Switzerland. This was actually the original trail for the ancient pilgrimage to Rome. Since 1994, the Council of Europe designated this trail as a European Cultural Route. The trail takes you through Europe’s charming landscapes and numerous landmarks from Northern France’s battlefields in the First World War to the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps to the picturesque Tuscan countryside.

Tour du Mont Blanc France

tour mont blanc

The majestic Mont Blanc massif offers the best view when you explore it from the elevated path just above Chamonix. Shorter walks which takes you to various sections of Argentière and Les Houches is perfect for walkers with moderate fitness. However, for tougher walkers, the Tour du Mont Blanc is the perfect trail. This 250 kilometre route takes you to the natural vistas crossing Italy, Switzerland and France.

Austrian Lake District


For walkers who are looking for pleasant walking trails without exerting a lot of effort in completing the route, the Lake District in the beautiful Austrian countryside is a great choice. Hallstatt is the most strategic hub for accessing the Julie Andrews terrain and from here you can take the easy footpaths that brings you through odd crossings by the lake and charming villages.

Via Ferrata, Lake Garda

via ferrata

Italy’s graded routes offer awesome opportunities for adventurous walkers. The system of cables and iron ladders engineered by soldiers during World War 1 makes this path attractive for walking enthusiasts. Even walkers with little skill will find this walk interesting with the odd angles and staggering heights of some paths. However, for safety’s sake, you are required to wear a helmet and a harness especially for areas where the sheer drop will make you screech.

Pyrenees Mountains

Crossing through Spain and France, The Pyrenees spike interest in a lot of people. Known as the Mountains of the Mediterranean, you get to see a lot of things on your walk along the trails in these mountains. There are daily walks that can take you from one town to another. You get to enjoy the foothills where you can go on forest walks, encounter lush green valleys, and explore France and Spain’s ancient villages while getting your fill of the hillside vineyards.

Camino Frances, Spain

This trail is part of the Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago, a series of various trails that start at different parts of Europe although the destination is Spain’s Santiago de Compostela. Camino de Frances is one of the most popular trails in the pilgrimage which is perfect for moderate walking. The full length of the route extends to 780 kilometres but there is a 111 kilometre route which goes from Sarria to Santiago.

Kerry, Ireland

ireland path

For a walk through atmospheric walk through eerie hills, you can take the path leading through Irish mountains known as MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. This is perfect for holidays over a long weekend. Although the trail through the hills is pretty straightforward, you need to have great mountain walking abilities to complete the route to the ride of the Reeks. You can explore the nearby peninsula known as Dingle and reward yourself with a drink from the nearby pub. After a good climb, you get to feast your eyes on magnificent views of the sea.

Europe is known for its wonderful countryside and for outdoorsy travellers, long walks would be the perfect way to spend a holiday while relishing the beauty of nature.



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