7 South American Cuisines You Shouldn’t Miss

South American cooking may no longer be one of the world’s best keep secrets but everyone doesn’t know much of the food in this part of the world except, of course, for Mexican cuisine. The food in Latin America is a blend of African, Portuguese, Spanish and Indian making it a sure target for foodies who are up for a food trip which scales various countries in that part of the world. South America has an abundance of plant life that adds flavor to its cuisine making the food not just unique but also one of a kind. Indeed, the Latin part of America has wonderful cuisine, many of which are not well-known among the rest of the population. Here are some of the best dishes for those who are begging for a taste of South America:

Bandeja Paisa (Columbia)

bandeja paisa

If you ever find yourself starving while you are in Columbia, Bandeja Paisa is an excellent choice whether you are planning to have it for lunch or for dinner. There’s a little of everything in this plate and even if you have a huge appetite; you would find yourself filled up to the brim. This plate contains rice, chorizo sausages, sunny side up egg, fried pork rind, red beans, grilled steak, avocado and plantains. With so many choices on your plate, you will surely skip the snacks before the next meal.

Milanesas (Argentina)


For meat lovers, one of the best places to be is Argentina. The meat from this country is really good and, irrespective of the way the meat is cooked, you will find yourself enjoying every last bit of the meal. The Milanesa is a typical breaded meat dish although the rich flavor of the meat makes all the difference. This is usually served with either chicken or beef and it is best eaten during dinner or lunch.

Feijoada (Brazil)


There’s much to Brazil than just beaches and beautiful people, the food is also worth looking forward to. The country’s national dish, the Feijoada, is a hearty and rich meal which is prepared with beef and pork in a black bean stew. When this dish is prepared in a traditional manner, clay pots are used, making the food all the more delectable and worth looking forward to.

Pupusa (El Salvador)

Deemed to be El Salvador’s national dish, this dish is actually very similar to empanada. Just like empanada, it is a thick dough which is roasted on a pan. This handmade corn tortilla is then stuffed with beans, white cheese, fried pig skin and curtido which is a bit similar to coleslaw.

Tapado (Guatemala)


For seafood lovers who do not have any aversion to coconut milk, Tapado is a great dish. This is a very popular seafood dish in Guatemala. It is a seafood soup which is cooked in coconut milk. It can include snapper, shrimp and plantains and it is usually served with sweet potatoes and bananas.

La Bandera Dominicana (Dominican Republic)

This happens to be the national cuisine of the country and it translates to the Dominican flag. This is a great meal for lunch and it can definitely fill you up. It is a mixture of stewed goat but the meat can be anything including beef and chicken, rice, fried plantains, red beans and a salad.

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica)

This is a breakfast meal which is very popular in Costa Rica. This is not a well-known dish but it is a great alternative for those who do not have much time to eat breakfast. This meal combines rice and beans and there are also natilla, bacon, toast and yucca on the side.



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