7 Unusual Animals in the World

Learning more about the world is one of the primary reasons why people travel and while looking for another excuse to pack your bags and book a flight, you would love this list of the world’s weirdest animals. There’s much to see around the world and why don’t you travel to meet the earth’s weirdest creatures.

1. Axolotl/ Ajolote (Mexico). Looking more like a character in Pokémon than a real animal, you might think that this animal is just fictional but it really exists. This is a neotonic mole salamander of the Mexican variety and the larvae of this species don’t undergo metamorphosis so even the adults are gilled and aquatic. These animals can regenerate most of the parts of their body making them quite popular among scientific researchers. They are commonly kept as pets in the UK, US, Japan and Australia.

Axolotl Ajolote

2. Dumbo Octopus (Pelagic Zone, All 7 Oceans). Unfortunately, you wouldn’t see this animal in its natural habitat unless you spend a lot of time under the sea. This creature is very unique and it can only be seen in the pelagic zone or the open sea in all 7 oceans. These animals can be seen from 400 to 4,800 meters below the sea but some creatures can go down to 7,000 meters. This is one of the rarest species of Octopus and the creature got its name from Dumbo, a character in Walt Disney. Despite their differences, there are some similarities between the Elephant Dumbo and this one.

3. Red Lipped Batfish (Galapagos Island). Distinct among other fish species because of its red lips, this animal looks as if it applied a fresh coat of lipstick. Just like other batfish species, they are bad swimmers and they use their pectoral fins to walk in the ocean. These animals feed on small crustaceans like mollusks and shrimps and small fish.

Pygmy Marmoset4. Pygmy Marmoset (Brazil). With a body length of 14 to 16 inches, this monkey which is native to western Brazil is one of the world’s smallest primates and it is the smallest monkey. These animals have special incisors that are useful when they are gouging tree barks to get to the gummy sap. These omnivores also feed from leaves, small insects and fruits. They have a ringed tail and a tawny coat which makes them look really unique.

5. Goblin Shark (Atlantic, Oceania, Indo-Pacific Ocean). Known to inhabit 3 of the world’s major oceans, this shark species is known as the living fossil because it dates back to a lineage that started to thrive 125 million years back. These animals can usually be found at depths of 100 meters. Studies on the animals show that their lifestyle is inactive and a bit sluggish.

6. Panda Ant (Tropics). We all know what a Panda looks like but if you can’t get enough of the animal, you will see another version in the form of an ant. These animals resemble the giant panda due to its coloring, hence the name. There are many places in the world where you can find these animals but they are usually in the sandy areas of the desert.

7. Venezuelan Poodle Moth (Gran Sabana, Venezuela). This is possibly a new species of moth discovered by Dr. Arthur Arker in 2009. The moth has unusual features which is quite similar to that of a poodle. Needless to say, more studies about the taxonomic category of the animal are still being explored.

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

There are many animals scattered all over the world and much of them are still unknown to man. While you are planning about your next trip, you should check out whether one of the places here crosses your itinerary. It would be awesome to see these animals for real.



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