Adelaide Zoo – A First Stop to Meet the Wildlife

Adelaide is an elegant city with much to experience. This capital of South Australia is yet another extension of what makes Australia a fabulous place to visit if you’re not already lucky enough to be calling it home. Like some of the other cities, Adelaide is also dotted with white sand beaches and rugged coastline that stretches on for many kilometres; is green with lush parklands and gardens; is vibrant with festivals and events; has world-class wineries and last but not least, has a fabulous range of wildlife that seizes your attention. It’s not just the cute koalas that do the trick, but they are definitely some of the country’s greatest ambassadors! Wildlife can be found in their natural environments like on Kangaroo Island, as well as in the many zoos and sanctuaries in the city, so as one of your first stops on your wildlife exploration, visit the animals of Adelaide Zoo.

Presentations and Animals at the Zoo

Touring a zoo these days is not just walking from caged area to caged area peeking through the bars and trying to toss peanuts at the elephants. If that’s what your past experiences were like at a zoo, then Adelaide Zoo will be quite a treat for you! At Adelaide Zoo you can expect to see presentations from the zookeepers on several of the animals. Every day of the week there is something going on. Watch the sea lion feed on Mondays through to Fridays with a talk at the end and learn about the lions from their keeper too. Watch Blue and Gold Macaws in a free-flight presentation and catch the Orangutans’ talk on weekends. Daily you can catch the lessons on pelicans, penguins, and tigers from their keepers and yet there are still more keepers’ talks on many other animals and birds.

Want a more special experience? Choose to take a behind the scenes tour of the zoo and get close to some of the animals the way the keepers would and get a glimpse of some off-limits areas. In some cases maybe you want just that close encounter with your preferred animal, so choose the “brief animal encounters” tour package and meet that giraffe or giant tortoise you always dreamed of meeting. There are several animal encounters to choose from so best to check with the zoo to see what is available during the time of your visit.

There are over 1800 animals and 300 species: fish, mammals, invertebrates, amphibians, birds and reptiles, they are all represented at the zoo and with the various tours that you can take for the “meet and greets”, you might want to plan a fairly full day at the zoo. We mustn’t forget about the special exhibits too! There is the panda exhibit where you can meet Wang Wang and Funi; visit the Westpac Envirodome where learning will be loads of fun in this world-class interactive centre, and bring the young ones to the children’s zoo for more educational interactive fun as they can hold and feed some of the animals there too. These are just a handful of the exhibits that you can enjoy at Adelaide Zoo.

Visiting the Zoo

The zoo is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Some areas in the zoo like the panda exhibit or the reptile house have their own hours of operation so be aware of the schedule. The zoo is located on Frome Road at Adelaide SA 5000. Ticket prices are available in individual passes (adult or child) and there are package deals as well for adults, children and families and there are even early bird specials, so it is best to look up many of these details on the zoo’s website at

Adelaide Zoo – just one of many places in Adelaide to see and meet the wildlife of South Australia!



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