Affordable City Breaks for a Winter Trip to Europe

January may not be the best time of the year to visit Europe as it can be a bit cold and you might not really enjoy the trip since winter is still raging but it can be a good time to travel for less. At this time of the year, it would be best to go for spots where you get to enjoy the culture in whatever European country you are in and with the rich history in many countries in the area, you will surely get your fill of history while enjoying the lower prices for accommodations and such. City break destinations would be a great treat during the winter season and here are some of the cheapest destinations for a European winter:

Budapest, Hungary


The capital of Hungary happens to be one of the best destinations for a city break. Strolling along the Danube and experiencing a dunk on thermal waters are just some of the things to kickstart your trip. A short holiday to this city would be perfect for a short holiday. Transportation options are really cheap and there is a hop on hop off bus which will take you across the metro. The Castle District in Buda and the cafes that locals frequent in Pest are attractions by themselves not to mention the Terror Museum and other historical buildings in the area.

Barcelona, Spain


This city is one which holds a lot of allure and it never disappoints. The architecture itself can capture the fancy of people who can appreciate what lies before them. As far as culture and architecture is concerned, this city is a sure winner. There are endless sights in the city and your entertainment options are highly varied. If you are in the city, deciding where to start your journey can pose a problem as there are so many things to do. Exploring the Las Ramblas first would be a great idea, then there’s the cathedral and the church of La Sagrada Familia. A shopping spree would be a good idea here with so many shops to choose from.

Nice, France


While in this city along the French Riviera, be sure to try the walks near the Bay of Angels as it will showcase a lot of the city’s great qualities. The curved beach is lined with sophisticated esplanade lines on the sea front. And, just like any other beach destination, there are flowerbeds and palm trees in the 4 mile beach. At the port in the city, there are yachts which are moored and there are also cool destinations including Aladdin’s cave antiques shop and the gardens which can be found at Le Chateau.

Brussels, Germany


If you fancy fountains and cobblestones, this city in Germany may just be the one that you have been dreaming of. Out of all the attractions in the city, Grand-Palace is deemed to be the crowning jewel. The facades which date back from the medieval times and the ornamented rooftops on the square are attractive enough although it is the statues of the long gone royalty that compete for the attention of visitors. The manicured gardens in Parc de Bruxelles would also be a good stopover.

A trip to Europe may just be the thing that you need to relieve yourself from stress and even though it might rain from time to time, you will not miss some of the best city haunts despite the current weather. These destinations are definitely worth looking forward to although you have to do further research to ensure that the trip to one of those European countries will be a smooth one.



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