Another Travel Record Smashed by British Adventurers

The first world tour organized by Thomas Cook took place in 1872. This journey took approximately nine months to complete. One-year later Jules Verne book around the world in 80 days was published. These two were significant to travelers as it heralded the beginning of world travel for many travelers. Ever since, there has been a desire for many adventurers to lower the time it takes to travel the world. Recently, Graham Hughes became the first man to conquer the world with his feet. On Monday, yet another record was set by British adventures Paul Brace and Philip Young: they lowered the time it takes to travel around the world using a car to ten a half days. They drove from Cape Town, South Africa to London, United Kingdom a distance of 10,300 Miles.

The pair undertook the journey to raise money for the Farm Africa Charity, which helps farmers in the countries of Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. They successfully raised more than £10,000.

The record

To achieve this milestone, they lowered the previous record held by British adventures Chris Rawlings, and Steve and Mac Mackenney by more than three days when they crossed the March Line at 5:30 pm on Monday after travelling for ten days, thirteen hours, and thirty minutes.

To achieve this endeavor, they had to drive for more than a thousand miles per day averaging 43mph in the small 875cc Fiat Panda.

The motivation

After completing this milestone, Philip Young, 53 said that the motivation to finish the epic journey was greater than the challenges they faced.

“The thought of arriving at the Marble Arch was a big motivation for us. The most enjoyable part of this trip was arriving in London knowing that we has accomplished our goal after planning for nine months”

“This trip has been a real eye opener for us, it has been an experience of a kind with plenty of tough and grueling times”

“For the ten day, we have practically live in the car. Save for the time that we had to stop for refueling”

Unexpected support

It might have been a lonely journey for the two, but support came from an unexpected place: the locals.

“We had a wonderful time with the locals who gave us a lot of attention and cheered us as we travelled”

From Cape Town to South Africa, they crossed over thirteen counties including some of the most volatile regions in the world. In this epic journey, they also achieved another milestone, as the Panda became the first vehicle to successful cross from Sudan to Egypt in a new land frontier. They also successful passed through Libya even though the Country’s borders have been closed to foreigners. Their journey however was forced to take a new course due to the Syrian uprising a challenge that they accomplished by travelling to Tunis, Tunisia and then heading to Italy.

The toughest stretch for the pair was in Northern Kenya in the road known as the “Road to Mars.” This road is through a desert and in some sections of the road tracks disappear. The road is also littered with big potholes making driving difficult.

This year will also mark the 80th anniversary of the first successful trip from Cape Town to London. This journey took five months. Since then there have been many attempts to lower the time. Paul Bruce and Philip Young without a doubt will motivate more adventures to lower the mark.



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