Best Destinations to do Something Wacky During Christmas

What’s your best excuse for doing something out of character? There’s April Fool’s Day and Innocent’s Day but have you ever thought of adding Christmas on your list? If you have an urge to do something crazy, be sure to drop by places where doing something that defies reason is a tradition much like kissing under the mistletoe. Here are some of the places where you have every reason to lose your reasonable self especially around Christmastime.

Brighton, England


Most people visit this place to take in the waters as it is said that the water here has healing properties but there are also those people who are off to this place for the annual Christmas dip. Members of the Brighton Swimming Club wear only a Santa hat to protect them from the winter chill while they do the annual tradition of a dip in the English Channel from the Brighton seafront.

Dublin, Ireland

dublin 40 foot

The 40 Foot is one of Dublin’s top diving spot and jumping into the icy waters is one of the traditional Christmas activities in Sandycove. Despite the chill, jumping remains to be very popular among locals and foreigners alike and it’s a good thing that this jump takes place in Ireland because after a dunk in cold water, swimmers commonly take a nip of brandy. Plus, hundreds of swimmers definitely make this tradition fun.

London, England

Another icy dunk that will be attractive to join or simply to see, is the 100 yard swimming competition that is held by the swimming club Serps in the Serpentine Lake in London. Despite the obviously cold weather, there are still a lot of competitors who join the swimming race.

Kyoto, Japan


When you are wearing a Santa Claus costume, you might think that the best thing to do is just to sit at home or have a stroll but you can actually go on a Santa Claus Marathon which takes place in the country.

Remedios, Cuba

If you are trying to keep yourself from falling asleep on Christmas Eve, then you wouldn’t find the feat a difficult one when you are in Cuba. The religious carnival known as Parrandas which dates back to two centuries ago is full of floats, drums.

Schöenau, Germany


Firing volleys is just the thing in the Bavarian highlands especially during the holidays. Garbed in their traditional dress, the residents ready their hand-held mortars to salute Christmas.

Bischofswiesen, Germany

If giving someone the scare of their lives is one of the things that you are looking forward to this season, be sure to drop by Bischofswiesen. During Christmas, you can wear a hay costumer and wear a devil mask while running in the village. The tradition dates back to pagan times and you wouldn’t be too guilty about scaring the wits out of somebody.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Breaking plates may be the last thing on your mind when you are planning your Christmas holiday but that’s just the Christmas tradition in Oaxaca. The tradition starts with a parade of people along the streets which are lit by lanterns and they knock on every door in reenactment of Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter preceding the birth of Christ. Just near the Cathedral, they break plates to symbolize the end of the year.

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays all over the world and nothing can deny that receiving presents and getting together with family in this annual event is worth looking forward to although doing something crazy would surely fit the holidays. Countries all over the world celebrate the season in different ways and some have traditions which are crazier than others. What’s the crazy activity that you’re planning to engage in during the holidays?



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