Best New Zealand Beaches for the Holidays

Beaches are deemed to be one of the best year round destinations especially for those who are looking for some winter sun. There are definitely a lot of options especially when you are planning to spend the winter in New Zealand where the holidays coincide with the summer season. If you happen to be in the country while you are in a mood to hit the beaches, here are some tips as to the best beaches in the country:

1. West Auckland: Piha Beach

This beach is one of the best in the country and it is one of the top destinations for surfing junkies. In fact, this is Malibu board riding’s birthplace in the country. However, it is not only a place for surfers as you have all the opportunity to go on a picnic, walk and explore especially when you secure a great spot on the Lion Rock. The rugged cliffs provide a great background allowing you to have an awesome view of the scenery before you.


Just half an hour’s drive from Auckland, it is definitely convenient to get to. The beach has a mysterious and moody aura complete with currents and rips and the black sand which is filled with iron increase its appeal. Unfortunately, this is not a great spot for sunbathers and swimmers but those who wish to swim should only do so in the areas where lifesavers patrol.

2. Nelson: Kaiteriteri Beach

Perfect for the ideal beach holiday complete with animals and seafood fare, this beach which is located at the gateway of Abel Tasman National Park has all the requisites to make your summer outing one of the best. Being a recipient of the highest rate of sunshine hours, you can get the most of the golden sand, you can hire a kayak and paddle around lagoons and coves surrounding the area, swim or go sunbathing.


With its location at the South Island’s top, you can see the glittering sand which looks like gold spread across the seaside. While here, make sure that your camera is ready for snapping pictures as there’s much to see in the area.

3. Coromandel Peninsula: Hot Water Beach

Those who are looking for a hot spring experience in the beach should head off here. Those who know of the secrets of this gorgeous beach come around 2 hours before or after the low tide so that they can dig a hole along the tide line. After digging a hole, you can bask in your very own natural hot spring spa until the tide sweeps in.


The burbling waters in the coastal springs are unique and they are filled with minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium. Those who are up for some hiking can head off to Cathedral Cove which is just 40 minutes away.

4. Raglan: Whale Bay

For professional surfers, this is one of the best spots with one of the world’s best surfs. This coastal community is quiet and the surrounding hills are covered with native trees. There are a lot of surfing schools in the area but it is important to have guidance especially beginners, otherwise, this is not place for those who are still learning to surf.

whale bay

Relaxing and eating organic food is one of the best things to do here other than surf and there are also lots of eco resorts.

5. Mount Maunganui: Ocean Beach


This beach harbor and ocean beach is unique in its own right and it is one of the best places to go for a swim. Bodysurfing and surfing are both popular here and it has been dubbed as the Surf City. Due to the reliable weather all year round, it happens to be one of the best places to spend the holidays.

Spending the holidays in New Zealand is one of the perfect ways to ensure that you will get to bask in the sun. Indeed, there are so many beaches here especially for those who wish to simply bask in the sea and the sand while enjoying the sun.



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