Best South and Central America Destinations for January

Traveling during the early months of the year needs careful planning as a lot of things remains to be done. If you are up for a trip to the Americas, the best suggestion would be to look for a cool vacation spot in Central and South America and this means a Latin American getaway. Although the early months of the New Year can bring so much workload and new responsibilities, you definitely owe it to yourself to have a great time during a quick vacation if you can squeeze out one in your tedious schedule.

Puerto Rico


If you are looking for someplace warm then you would not go wrong in choosing this country and January happens to be one of the hottest times of the year and it’s the perfect time to hit the beach. The weather is perfect during this month and the country doesn’t get much rain. Plus, January is the whale watching season so you have huge chances of spotting a humpback whale while staying in the country. For US travelers, this is definitely a perfect place to escape to as you wouldn’t even need your passport.



Spending the first month of the year on the northern Peruvian coastline would be a stunning experience. Trujillo happens to be one of the destinations where you get to visit Mayan ruins and there are a lot of interesting places such as museums where you can appreciate Mayan artifacts such as pottery, coins and murals better. For those who love music, you would surely fall in love with this place the live music and salsa merged with the rich culture are enough reasons to drop by the place.


With the agreeable weather, Santiago would be an awesome vantage point to catch a bit of sun while escaping the bleak winter season. The azure glaciers and the emeralds waters on the lake make summers here one of the best. Since the finest time to visit the country is from November to early March, you are in for a treat. Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego are two of the most popular places in the country that draw hordes of tourists so if you are visiting any of the two places, you should make arrangements months before.



This country in Central America is in the border of Guatemala and Mexico and although it is not too popular, it happens to be a haven especially for those who are opting for a lush tropical vacation. The northern part of the country receives the lowest amount of rainfall. Aside from the tropical indulgence, you can also go caving, fishing, scuba diving and exploring. The Mayan ruins and the Marine Heritage Sites are attractive especially for history buffs.



Where South America is concerned, nothing can say a list of cool vacation spots is complete if Rio de Janeiro is not on it, after all this is one of the sexiest vacation spots in the world and Brazilians are considered to be one of the hottest people around the globe. Copacabana is one of the beaches to hit and it is getting a lot of hype. One of the best things about the place is that there are a lot of cool activities that you can engage in aside from the endless parties and sunbathing.

Escaping winter is definitely a great thing especially when you feel the first signs of melancholy seeping in. Warm winters in Central and South America would take your mind off a lot of things and you get to have your first taste of adventure even during the early days of the year.



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