Best UK Mini Breaks

Best UK Mini Breaks

May 21, 2019 Off By Lauren

Many working professionals are opting for taking mini-breaks from their everyday lives instead of going on long holidays; they’re easier to plan and commit to, less hefty on the wallet, and give you the chance to see more places over time. For people who live in the UK or are planning to come around for a quick visit, here are some places to get the best UK mini breaks possible.


We start off our list with a city that is known to many as one of the most beautiful in the world – Edinburg. Home to many a famous playwright and writer like David Greig and JK Rowling, the capital city of Scotland is rife with things to see on a short break- like the beautifully designed buildings all over the town that inspired great works, to the hills among which the Legend of King Arthur was born. Mini-breakers can find gorgeous accommodation in hotels like The Balmoral or Principal Edinburgh, and if they’re in the City between July and August, they can attend the highly renowned fifth annual Edinburgh Art Festival for an amazing experience.


A perfect mix of country, city, and sea; Brighton is one of the best places for anyone seeking a break to be. The city offers inspiringly designed buildings set in tranquil gardens and parks, hotels of all ranges, museums and an astounding art scene, as well as a beautiful beachfront that wave riders might never get enough of. Check out the Royal Pavilion, the i360 or the Brighton Palace Pier, or take a walk along the countryside and breathe some glorious, peaceful fresh air.


Beautiful Oxford is known as the learning center of the world and is a great place to go to for a fun weekend of brain expansion. Venerators of books can make a pilgrimage to the Bodleian Library (which is the second largest library in Britain), and archeology buffs can spend hours looking through the galleries at The Pitt Rivers Museum. Eyes that are tired of books and displays can be turned towards the rivetting River Thames, where the Traditional Boat Festival will happen from July 19-21, and the Royal Swan Upping which will take place a few days before that.


Belfast is not only a gorgeously green city but is also rich with history and cultural attractions, making it a great place to find relaxation and exploration simultaneously. Break-seekers coming from crowded lands can explore Harland and Wolff shipyard – where The Titanic was built, or visit Castle Ward to take a tour of Winterfell Castle, from the globally famous TV show, Game of Thrones. When you’re done you can easily find transportation to take you to any of the 35+ public parks around town, or retreat to a room in a hostel like the Global Village or a hotel like Ten Squares.

The UK is full of amazing destinations to catch a well-deserved mini-break. Hard workers looking for some play time can check out any of the places we’ve listed, or other delightful cities like London, Cardiff or Bath.