Caving Destinations in South America

Being on all fours while feeling the ground under you can be a rewarding experience. There are definitely so many things that you have running through your brain when you are planning a South America trip given all the adventures that you can have in the continent. You should not miss the beaches and the parties here. For those who are looking for something out of the ornery, caving would definitely fit in your itinerary. Exploring a cave is one of the most adventurous things that you can do while on vacation although you have to be agile and physically fit especially when you have an ultimate caving experience in mind.

Gruta de Lapinha, Brazil

gruta lapinha

This happens to be the largest cave in the area and it is also one of the most popular. The highlight of this cave is the crystal formation that takes the shape of a bride’s veil. This formation is known as the Veu de Noiva. This cave has 7 rooms and there are so many awesome rock formations to see while inside. The rooms are lighted with LED lights making the area look prettier and you wouldn’t need to crawl as the area is quite big.

Talgua Cave, Honduras


This cave has been nicknamed as the Cave of the Glowing Skulls although the name is a huge misnomer as the cave was only christened as such due to the light that reflects on calcite deposits which have been found on the remains inside the cavern. The cave has a valuable role in archaeology as it is believed to play an important role in the early history in the area. A tour inside the cave will give you a finer appreciation of the history that can be seen through the rock formations.

Aktun Tunichil Muknal, Belize


This cave in Belize is known locally by its acronym ATM or as Xibalba although it is well known as the home of the Cave of the Crystal Maiden. The Crystal Maiden is actually the remains of a teenage girl which is deemed to have been sacrificed. The bones have a sparkling appearance as it has already been calcified. This is mainly a Mayan archaeological site and there are artefacts right inside the cave. Due to the importance of this cave, it is a protected site although it is important to be careful when touring inside the cave as you might accidentally step and break an important relic.

Cueva del Fantasma, Venezuela


This giant cave which can be found in the Southern part of Venezuela translated to Cave of Ghost and it is in a remote location. The cave is a big one though and it is part of the remains of a magnificent gorge which collapsed at the rim. There is a waterfall that falls down on the walls and there is a pond where a pool of water gathers. As one of the most geologically ancient parts of the world, visiting the cave would be a stolen moment in time and it would give you an insight of what life used to be. However, you should wear shoes which are not slippery when wet to make your trip inside the cave easier.

South America is one of the most naturally gifted places in the world as far as geologic wonders are concerned. These caves are just some of the places to look for adventure as there are definitely more haunts in the region. If you are not claustrophobic, be sure to drop by a cave to experience another facet of South America and to have something memorable to remember your trip by.



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