Cool Cruising Ideas for Nature Lovers

Nature lovers would relish an up-close and personal interaction with nature and going on a cruise is just the thing to do. Charles Darwin, the proponent of the theory of evolution, was aboard a ship when he discovered the hints that led to his theory. A well-planned itinerary will take you to places where you can learn more about nature and discover things that will allow you to have a better appreciation of the natural environment. For those who love going on a cruise, here are some suggestions on cool cruises that will make you closer to nature.

Celebrity Xpedition (Celebrity)

Speaking of Charles Darwin, there’s no better way to enjoy natural wildlife than a trip to the Galapagos where you can view a lot of animals. This cruise line has a distinctive style that combines the traditional expedition with the finer things in life such as a dry martini. You actually get a good deal with this cruise line because the price that you have to pay already includes tips and drinks and there is a sociable atmosphere onboard. There are various dining options and the intensity of the excursions varies depending on the abilities and the interests of the passengers.

National Geographic Explorer (Lindblad Expedition)

national geo

Antarctica happens to be a favorite among people who love to explore cool places and the combination of the luxurious ambiance onshore and onboard makes the expedition a great experience. You get to learn a lot of things while you are enjoying the sheer beauty and the mystery around you. While taking the cruise, be sure to pay attention to the White Continent which happens to be one of the ideal places for nature lovers due to the number of seals in the area and there are icebergs and ice shelves which paints a pretty picture against the cold backdrop.

Safari Quest (American Safari)

Safari Quest, American Safari Cruises

Sailing to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, you would love the luxurious feel of the ship that allows you to pamper yourself while you are enjoying the eco-tourism in this off-the-beaten track. While cutting through the seas, you will have a fine specimen of wildlife to meet and greet including pelicans, whales, boobies and gulls. Deemed to be the biggest fish trap in the world, you can see a lot of fishes in the area with its numerous reefs.

Silver Wind (Silversea)

silver wind

Another great place to discover wildlife is South America. There are a lot of things that you can discover in the region and it has been featured in several world cruises. A voyage to safaris would give you an awesome opportunity to see a lot of animals for real. The intimate atmosphere in the ship will gear you up for your close encounter with the animals in the region. The wild game adds charm to the cruise.

Grand Amazon (Iberostar)

For an authentic trip to the Grand Amazon, it would be best to ride a smaller ship such as this one which can accommodate 144 passengers. If you want to bring your own hammock, you can do so although it would be more comfortable to choose a cozier place to spend the time while you are on your ship. There are smaller boats in the ship where you can explore the dense vegetation in the lush forests and there are also live music shows. Be sure to look for a cruise that will allow you to go trekking on a jungle and fishing piranha. Visiting the local villages would also be awesome.

The love for nature and wildlife can best be expressed in exploring places which happen to be rich with both and going on a cruise is simply the perfect way to enjoy a bit of time away from everything while doing something you love.



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