French Polynesia – Your Next Exotic Getaway

How many times have you opened up your emails to find that the sender has attached a document or a file that contains numerous pictures of places depicting some paradise on earth that only serves to leave you envious because perhaps the sender is there and you are not? Or maybe it just leaves you in despair because you feel it’s too perfect to be a real and you could never be so lucky to be in such a place? Well, think again and plan ahead, because that perfect dream destination may just be somewhere between California and Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. French Polynesia would be that paradise in those photos and Bora Bora may be that remarkable island that is just too good to be true! Hopefully you aren’t afraid of flying because that is the best way to get to this Eden!

French Polynesia and Bora Bora

French Polynesia is the overseas territory that is part of France and is made up of 118 islands and atolls. The islands span across about four million square kilometres of ocean and yet the land masses only account for 7,000 of that number. Divided into five archipelagoes: Austral, Marquesas, Gambier, Tuamotu and Society, the latter is the most famous of the groups. Bora Bora is an island included in the Society archipelago as are two other popular haven islands – Tahiti and Moorea. So those dreamscapes shown in those email photos where the long boardwalk-like dock extends out into the water to where a single cozy, thatched-roofed hut seems to be floating in the middle of the translucent blue-green waters with nothing in sight except for more ocean waters meeting the equally clear blue-green horizon, is likely one of these neighbouring islands.

Getting to Bora Bora

Although the unbelievable and astonishing beauty of Bora Bora seems only a fantasy, rest assured that this destination is attainable and you can make it your dream come true. As isolated a place as French Polynesia is, you can access it best by plane (some international and charter flights) that will land you at the Faa’a International Airport which is located on the island of Tahiti. Although fewer and with irregular schedules, you may also have a choice of sailing or cruising vessels possibly sailing in from such places as Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia. Once in Tahiti, you can take a ferry over to Bora Bora. Travel between the many islands will require short trips on charter planes or ferry boats mostly.

What to See and Do

Once you get to the serenity of the island, you may feel that just being there is enough as seeing the stunning beaches, the incredibly breath-taking lagoons, and the enchanting marine life swimming in the crystal clear waters is the experience! Who could ask for anything more? But you can enhance your experience by snorkeling alongside the over 500 species of fish that you may encounter, the sea turtles, the manta rays, and even the dozens of shark species.

If you want to get closer to the marine life, perhaps a scuba diving excursion would be a suitable choice. The colors of the underwater world will astound you! From the many fish, the magnificent corals, the sea creatures including various rays and dolphins and sea crustaceans, you will want to pinch yourself to remind yourself that this is your reality!

For traditional water activities, you can be sure that surfing, windsurfing, jet- skiing and waverunners will be close at hand. Take a jet boat tour or even sit back and enjoy a classic glass bottom boat ride. The waters are so clear you will certainly see the marine life as you float overhead. If you really want to keep it simple and relaxing, just go for a swim. You’ll be in Bora Bora; even just a swim will be exotic!



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