How to Spend Your Christmas in Australia

Unlike countries in the West, Christmas in Australia is just in time for summer. Holiday songs talking of the snow outside and making snow people are so out of place in this country because even during Christmas, this place receives its fair amount of sunlight. Ironically, songs about winter wonderland are still popular. Since the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, expect the holidays to be spent near the beach or near any other body of water as a swim would be most welcome due to the temperature. European traditions in celebrating Christmas are quite common in the country although it can be readily observed that a lot of time is spent outdoors. So what are the things the look forward to when you can look forward to when you are planning to send Christmastime in the land down under?

Stroll Along a Lane of Homes With Cool Christmas Light Displays

house decor

If there’s one thing that will remind you that it is already Christmas time when you are in Australia, it is the Christmas light displays. Light displays can range from fairy lights which lie on a string, a Christmas tree with bright displays of icicle lighting which is very popular in the country. Outings on the best lighted streets is one of the must do activities during Christmas time. The avid light displays are so popular in the country that one family which is in Canberra set the record for the most number of Christmas lights in a residential property.

Join the Christmas Carols by Candlelight


One of the most traditional Christmas traditions in the country is caroling by candlelight which is held each year just a week before Christmas. This tradition started way back in 1937 and it is an annual activity which is held in almost every city and town in the country but Melbourne’s carol by candlelight is attracting much attention. The candlelight carols in Melbourne are even televised. During the carol by candlelight, families bring picnic hampers, rugs, and folding chairs whether the sun is up or it’s a rainy day. Thousands of people sing carols together while holding candles. The celebration is made for peace on earth and the goodwill towards all men.

Attend the Boxing Day in Melbourne

Taking place after Christmas day, one of the Christmas traditions which are often linked to Melbourne is the test match between England and Australia. The Cricket Ground in the city welcomes about 100,000 spectators. The games are definitely exciting and it attracts both the old and the young and there are also other entertainments during the game.

See Santa on a Boat in Lake Macquarie

santa boat

In many cultures, Santa Claus has often been depicted to be the man in the big red suit who climbs down the chimney but such is not the case in Australia as they have a Santa who rides the Wangi Queen Show Boat while the blaring sound system add a dash of Christmas cheer by playing carols while stopping by the communities along the lake. Children who gather around the lake receive bags of treats and stops are made along the shoreline in public jetties.

Spend Christmas on Sydney’s Bondi Beach

bondi beach

Since this is the perfect time of the year to go for a quick dip to ward off the heat, it just makes sense to go out of your house and BBQ at the beach. Locals and expats love to spend their Christmas in the beach where they can swim as much as they want.

Australia is known to be the ultimate place to get away to when you are looking for someplace to escape the cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere during Christmas. Although traditions here are not as defined as in other places, Christmas carols, greetings and gift giving remain to be at the heart of the Christmas season and its own traditions are worth experiencing.



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