Journeys around the world that you will never forget

Every day we all make journeys either by design or by default depending on the nature of our work or lifestyle. Journeys can be done by walking, use of animals, use of vehicles, trains, water-vessel, or train. That said, what essentially defines a great journey? Is it the experience, the lessons learnt, the sights and sounds, or the fulfillment? Well, we are not going to answer the question here. The onus is solely left to the traveler. However, we have some journeys that have been billed as some of the best to travel in the world. Here are some of them.

The Journey from Moscow to Vladivostok

Vladivostok is a town located in the middle of “nowhere” literary. The town is 9,300 kilometers away from Moscow. From Moscow to Vladivostok, the best way of travelling is using the rail onboard the Trans-Siberian Express. It is a long journey by any standard it is sure to test one patience and mettle. For those who endure to journey, the pass through some of the best landscape one can ever dream of. It is definitely, a journey like no other.

The Inca Trail

The foundation of the Machu Pichu was laid more than 500 years ago. Today, Machu Pichu stands shoulder above in comparison to other historical sites in America. To explore the Machu Pichu in its full glory, one needs to walk. The Inca trail is more than walking, not only does not one get to see the best of the Inca architecture, but also the best of cloud forest, and amazing landscapes.

From Cairo to Cape Town

If you want to experience the best of Africa, this is the ultimate journey. From the onset, it is imperative to note that this is one of the most backbreaking journeys in the world. An incredible 17,000 kilometers cover 11 countries of Africa. Across the Sahara desert, rain forests, savanna, plains, mountains, and falls. One thing is certain, if you happen to make it down south from the North, you will surely be a changed person at the end of the journey.

Athens to Marathon in Greece

Have you ever wondered what the name Marathon means? For brevity, Pheidippides who ran approximately 26 miles to announce the triumph of the Greece over the Persian before collapsing, and dying on the spot inspired the name. This is essentially the place where the modern marathon events were inspired. As an advice, bring your jogging shoes along if you plan to cover this distance.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

In the modern world where raw nature is disappearing at a faster rate due to modernization, places that have remained untouched for centuries are rare to come by. One such place where nature is not yet spoilt is Maasai Mara. The journey through the Maasai Mara is best explored through an open truck.

The Great wall, China

The Great Wall of China receives more than 20,000 daily visitors. One colossal structure cannot be “devoured” on a single instance. The best way of getting the best of this journey around the Great wall is through foot.

Chamonix, France to Zermatt in Switzerland

For skiers the Haute Route or high route represents one of the most grueling journeys for a skier. This 120 kilometers journey is must travelers who want to test their mettle against nature.




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