Let’s go down south: Why You should visit the FalkIslands

The name Falk Islands is often associated with conflict, rather than beauty is most circles. The Falk Islands remains as one of the issues where Argentina and Britain do not see eye-to-eye. The two nations have gone to war once (in 1982) over the islands, and despite the recent endorsement by the native of the Islands that they want to be governed by Britain (99.8% pro), it seems that Argentina is not about to accept the fact that Falk Islands is ruled by Britain, albeit as an autonomous region. Sadly, this tussle has overshadowed the beauty that is the Falk Islands. Like many South American Islands, it is a beauty to behold.

Why Falk Island

The answer is simple: This Island is more that a tourist destination, it offers more than what you will find in any other traditional destination. It is paradise redefined. The following are ways to spend your time in the Island.

Wildlife watching

Falk Island is rich in wildlife. Do you want a chance to walk near penguins? If yes, there is no better place for doing it in the British territories. The environment is unpolluted, and wildlife dwell is some of the pristine conditions there is. There many bird species some of which are very rare to find in the world. The Islands has fourteen marine mammals inhabiting the Island. Whale watching trips are also available. The best place to head for wildlife watching is the New Island, which is sparsely populated and rich in wildlife.


The fishing industry is the biggest employer in the Island this is because few places in the world are rich in fish compared to the Islands. The sparse population means that you can enjoy peace and tranquility as you fish in many of its streams, rivers, and its coastal estuaries. If you are not an experienced hand when it comes to fishing, many of the tour companies in the Island provide knowledgeable-fishing guides.


If cruising is your preferred vacation style, then include Falk Islands as one of the stopover, and definitely, you will not be disappointed. The Island is well equipped to handle different type of cruise ships with plenty of shore tours and excursions.


Falk Islands has many hiking options ranging from leisurely trails to demanding hiking trails. These trails offer impressive opportunities of appreciating the beauty of the Island and its wildlife in the absence of pollution. The feeling of Isolation adds to the experience creating a wonderful feeling. For seasoned hiking experts, the following Peaks is recommended: Mount usborne (2312ft) Mount Adam (2297ft), and Mount Maria (2158ft).

Water sports

Local surfers refer to the Island as “an adventure in impressive settings”. This is partly because the Island beaches are sparsely populated, and surfers regularly get the chance of sharing water with the Dolphins among other marine life. With more than 1000 miles of coastal lines, there are many places to be surfed. Kite surfing is also a popular sport among the locals.


Plenty of wildlife’s, marine animals, rugged terrains, lush green field, ship wrecks, and old building combine to give a place every photographer would like to visit. Specialist photos are also available on display and purchase.


Falk Island calendar of events is full all year round. Events range from shows, parades, theater productions, races, and balls. The Island might be Isolated, but there is never a dull moment.

Travelling to Falk Island

There are two ways of getting to Falk Island, by air and sea.



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