New York City outside Manhattan


The Bronx and the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx is situated mostly on the mainland U.S. and not on one of the many islands of New York. Diverse and varied in culture, the Bronx includes areas likened to San Francisco and small New England fishing villages, and hosts an elevated train at 30-feet.

While home to parks, gardens, artificial beaches, City Island and Yankee Stadium, a world-wide attraction not to miss is the Bronx Zoo. With something for everyone, the zoo houses a 4-D theater, an Animal Activity Trail where learning to move like an animal means running, jumping, crawling and dancing while exploring all of the remarkable wildlife.

In addition to guided tours, there are camel rides and exhibits representing all four corners of the world. With free admission on Wednesdays (donations accepted), this world-class zoo houses over 6,000 animals and is accessible by bus, car, subway, or taxi.


The Brooklyn Bridge Park

It is often said that ‘The World is Brooklyn’, due to the many cultures and cuisines represented such as the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern and Western Europe, and South and Central America.

Brooklyn boasts theaters, historical sites, museums, galleries and glorious waterfront views. The most beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor are found here at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. During the winter months, Brooklyn is a good borough for ice skating in New York.

The 85-acre park includes six Piers set up for recreation, Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, the Empire Fulton Ferry and much more. The park is actually a collection of seven interconnected ecosystems, and offers playgrounds, sports facilities, dog runs, jogging trails, picnic areas, WiFi and the historical Jane’s Carousel.

With kayaks, canoeing, fishing and bird watching, ground was broken on the park in February, 2008. It includes 16,000 square feet of restaurant space, plus hotels, residential units, a fitness center and several of the best hotels in New York. Because there are so many exciting things to do and explore, the park is the perfect place for kids, families, and anyone looking for a great outdoor experience.


Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

In Upper New York Bay is Liberty Island, home to the Statue of Liberty, which is just south of Ellis Island. A surprising fact is that these islands are not in NY, but border the New Jersey state line, and in 1998 became the jurisdiction of Jersey City, NJ, as deemed by the Supreme Court Justices.

Ellis Island, now a museum, is where millions of immigrants first touched down on ‘the land of opportunity’, between 1892 and 1924. Family names can now be submitted for inscription on the new phase of The American Immigration Wall of Honor. Additionally, the museum houses 25 million passengers’ records, and offers guidance on Genealogy and record searches.

The 15-acre Liberty Island is home to one resident. The Statue of Liberty. With the cost of a Ferry ticket to the statue, tickets for the pedestal and statue’s base are available. Special tickets are required for climbing the inside staircase up to the crown, and can be reserved a year in advance.

The lines to get into Ellis Island and Liberty Island are just about unbearable, but faster trips are offered by guided boat tours providing up-close views from the water, while helicopter tours soar over the Islands and the Manhattan Harbor.


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