Nine places to head to this December

Santa has finally come to town, quite literally, walk across to any mall, shop, or even a hotel and there are reminders all over that Christmas is around the corner. If you are among the many people who take a vacation in December, the following destinations will surely give you a reason to celebrate Christmas like never before.


Edinburgh is the place to be if you are into partying. Edinburg is second to none when it comes to partying on the New Years Eve. Partying is a public event and all and sundry are welcomed to party. A torch lit procession kicks off the party of December 30 starting an event that will go on up to January 2.


Vienna is another wonderful place for ushering in the New Year. They do it in style featuring concerts, operas, spectacular balls, and lots of dancing. The party kicks off at 2p: m on December 31 to 2:00 a: m the following morning.


Germans like big things and there events are big too. For shopaholics, there is nothing that beats the German market during December many of which have already opened doors to shoppers. Some of the best places to visit include Munich, Nuremburg, and Berlin. The festive spirit is alive to be felt in Germany.


For those who believe in white Christmas Lapland in Finland is the place to be. Free gift are available courtesy of Santa who happens to be the most awaited visitor when Christmas comes calling.


Mexico is lively all year round, but you might want to head there this Christmas to witness one of the most amazing spectacles: the migration of Monarch butterflies as they head to the forests of Mexico from the Rocky Mountains in the United States.


Paris is a romantic city more so in winter thanks to it’s fairly light as snow falls. You won’t mind some shopping at the champs-Elysees either. Another reason to pay a visit is to watch Dali arts exhibition that opened its doors on November 21st to March 25th.

United Kingdom

Churches across the United Kingdom have some of best Christmas carols in the world. For the best of Carols, be around and about at Christmas Eve. If possible make is a point to attend a service at the Kings College in Cambridge. Other places you might want to visit are the St. Paul cathedral, Canterbury, and Westminster Abbey.


Most part of Chile is remote giving a feeling of Isolation from the rest of the world. This gives it a perfect place away from the glaring light associated with cities. You might want to head there if you love star gazing each December, the Geminid shower creates a wonderful spectacle. Astronomers believe that this year’s shower will be at December 13th.


Plenty of sun awaits you down south. You might miss the interesting football that is around December, but a Christmas beach party will effectively suit you. Be sure to enjoy plenty of Barbeques and surfing under the blazing sun.



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