Nine Travel resolutions for 2013

It is that moment of the year again where we look back on how well we spent or misspent the last 365 days. It can be either a wonderful reflection or a reflection that echoes missteps that nearly led us south. Coming to traveling, how much did you travel in 2012? Did you finally travel to your dream destination?

If you did, then probably you are seating there smiling, happy that finally the year will not end with those regrets that often comes when travel resolutions are shelved. If you never travelled, then the following travel resolutions will definitely help to set in motion your travel goals come 2013.

Resolve to Start saving

One of the greatest impediments to traveling is inadequate funds. The bottom line is that travelling requires money, and money that often comes through saving unless you have travel benefits from your employer. Saving is not rocket Science, it only requires discipline and before you know it, you have enough to travel. Remember you have a whole year to do this. To learn on tips towards this saving money for travel

Resolve to learn at least one foreign language

Learning a new language or languages is as easy as ABC thanks to revolutionary applications that have made it possible to learn without stepping into a class. Learning new languages especially to a place you want to visit will make things easy for you especially if you plan to go there solo.

Resolve to avoid stereotyping

It is not common to hear comments like “I will not go to place B or C because its people have this and that.”

Unfortunately, many people often take such comments as the gospel truth. The truth is that human beings are not the same; it is also true that no culture or people are there to harm others.

Resolve to pack lightly

Unless you plan to travel to an isolated Island there is no need to pack heavily. You will find what you have at home in your destination. This will save you money that could otherwise been wasted on unnecessary luggage charges.

Resolve to sign to a loyalty program

If you happen to frequent a hotel, or an airline or a credit card with a loyalty program, grab that opportunity it might just come handy.

Resolve to avoid procrastination

Procrastination is one of the ways that prevent personal development. The same is true when it comes to travelling. If you plan to visit the Eiffel tower in April, and then make sure, you are there before April.

Resolve to be News savvy

Information is said to be power, the more we get informed, the more we become enlightened on what is happening around us. That said, make a point to subscribe to travel magazines, email alerts, read travel blogs, and watch travel related programs.

Resolve to cut work while on holiday

A holiday is meant to be that time of the year when you relax like a baby; free from stress associated with daily work. During your holiday cut work completely. You will always return to do more work.

Resolve to go Green

Travelling it has to be said leaves a lot of carbon foot prints. As a traveler, it is incumbent upon you to try reducing on it in your own small way. To learn more how you can contribute read tips for the Green Traveler

Happy travelling 2013!



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