Reasons why tourists prefer South Africa

South Africa is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. Each member of the human race is represented in this country. The country is often referred to us the Rainbow- nation. Being the most developed country in Africa, the country tourism industry is well developed, and structured to accommodate each type of tourist. Various factors have blended to make the country attractive to tourist worldwide.


These are tough economic times, and affordability is increasingly becoming a parameter on whether someone can go for holiday. The South African tourism is structured to cater for the demands of both high and low budget tourists. It will interest you to know that the South African Rand is weaker compared to the major currencies such as the Dollar, sterling pound, and the Euro resulting in more purchasing power.

Natural attractions

South Africa is blessed with many scenic attractions such as the Table Mountains, the Kruger national park, God’s window, amazing beaches, natural forests, waterfalls, and deserts. There is something for everyone.

Word class Amenities

The South African government has collaborated with the private sector to create some of the best amenities money can buy. There are top-notch hotels, transport systems that mirrors those found in the western countries.

Adventure like no other

South Africa boasts of having over 130 adventure spots ranging from mountain walks, shark-cage diving, nature trails, and hiking among other places.

Favorable weather

Unlike other destination, weather is not an impediment to travelling to South Africa. There is sunshine practically throughout the year meaning that you can enjoy out-door activities such as golf, and swimming all year long. The average temperature is 25 to 30 degree Celsius.

Rainbow nation

South Africa is a rainbow nation having eleven official languages. The country has effectively blended the immigrant culture with the African Culture. Apartheid is long forgotten, and there is no longer restriction to movement based on skin color. There is plenty to learn for tourists interested in culture.


South Africa is home to the Big five (lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and the Rhinoceros). Some of the animals include the Hyena, African Wild dog, antelopes, and baboons among others. Bird watching is also a top attraction. In the sea, there are sites for watching penguins, Whales, Sharks, and other marine life.

Learn about the Freedom Struggle

South Africa officially ended the Freedom struggle in 1994 when Nelson Mandela was elected as the president. Apartheid left a legacy of struggle that led to deaths, imprisonments, and discriminations. One such popular tourist attraction is Robben Islands where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. There are also Museums around the country dedicated to the Struggle, and its rich with artifacts, and records detailing the struggle against apartheid.

Responsible tourism

South Africa is one of the few countries that have embraced eco-tourism. Projects such as the Palala Rhino sanctuary conserve Rhinos whose numbers have declined due to poaching. Recycling is greatly incorporated in the industry with an emphasis to going green.




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