Safety trips for Women Travellers

The recent Gang rape and eventual tragic death of a 23-year-old Indian woman travelling in a bus, once more highlighted the dangers faced by women travellers. Women travellers are more vulnerable to attacks, assault, ridicule, and rape. This calls for extra vigilance for any women traveller especially when travelling to new areas.

This calls for more vigilance if you are a woman traveller  Marybeth Bond, an avid traveller has identified three reasons why women are more vulnerable: A shy body language, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and lack of awareness of their surroundings. She also has some safety travel tips that each woman traveller need to be aware. Here are some of them.

Have an understanding of your surrounding

At all times, you must know where you are, where you are heading, and what time you will return. Never assume that where you are is the same as your hometown. A street, or town that is dazzling, and appear safe during the night can be very different when the sunset. Always get back to your hotel or lodging before the sunsets, if you plan to come late, organize for a taxi.

Trust your instincts

I believe that you have heard of the saying “trust your Instincts.” If you have a gut feeling, never temp fate. If you feel something is amiss, quickly get off that situation, or even run.

If you plan to travel to conservative areas do not wear clothing that reveals too much details. If women do not chat with men, or they cover their heads, please do so to avoid unnecessary attention.

Body language

Your body language should be assertive that portrays a non-sense attitude. You body language should not leave the third party to have other imaginations.

Wear a ring

A wedding ring is a powerful way of putting off unwanted attraction(s). Not many people are interested in Married women. Make sure you carefully show it to strangers who many want to initiate a conversation that you have no interest.

A loud voice helps

Loud women in Public put off many men. A loud voice shows authority and dominations. Even if you do not understand the local language, a loud voice will surely be respected.

Always have enough money

Carry enough money that is able to move you out of a tricky situation. Carry money on you pouch, socks, or even pouch so that in case you are mugged, you will not be place in a tight spot.

Do not accept free drinks from strangers

Free drinks are not always free per see. Someone always get to pay for them, and if you are not careful, you might be the one paying for the drink. The reality is that, there are many sedatives out there. Once of the most popular is Rophynol. This powerful tranquillizer is odorless and tasteless and is widely used as a date drug.

Self-defence course helps

Most muggers do not have refined fighting techniques and they only thrive out of fear of there victims. If you enrol to a self-defence course, this will greatly help you, and boost your confidence.



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