Six things to do while in Madeira

Madeira the Portuguese Island in the Atlantic Ocean looks isolated, in fact lonely in the world map. It looks like the abandoned child with no one to take care of it. The fact that is it Isolated should not be equated to it being dull. Madeira is lively as any tourist resort can be in the world.

This fact is attested by the high number of tourist’s arrivals per year. Annually, the Island attracts over a million tourists, who come to sample some its wines, food, amazing landscapes, embroidery artisans, and its annual fireworks displays. For a visitor planning to heading to the Island for the first time, the following must be done for one to say with confidence that they have been to Madeira and sampled some of its finest gifts.

Sample the high road

Madeira features some amazing landscapes, and there is no better way of sampling this delight than hiring a taxi around the Island through its wonderfully constructed roads. Madeira highway passes through ravines, waterfalls, and cliffs.

Feels the Flowers scent

Flowers are one of the main attractions to the Island. Some irresistible flowers include the sky-blue Plumbago, and the swans neck agave. If you are into flowers, visit the Island in the month of April to visit the Madeira flower festival. Alternatively, pay a visit to the Botanical gardens located on the hillside at Quinta do Bom Sucesso.

Go where the Eagles Dare

To get the perfect aerial view over Madeira, make sure to ride on one of the eagles view a cable car that is sure to lift your pulse. The cable cars have successfully been able to conquer some extreme elevations that can only be conquered via cable providing a wonderful spectacle below.

Sample the Marine life

Madeira offers some of the best marine life for sea lovers. There are many tour operating companies that offers tours to watch migrating whales and dolphins. Madeira is also the only place where you will have the chance of seeing the monk seals. The monks seals numbers have greatly dwindled and only 500 of them remain. If have time, you can go for deep sea fishing a favorite pastime for the locals.

Have walk on the Wild side

Unlike other Islands that have cleared its forests to pave way for human settlement, Madeira has maintained its laurel forests that features steep-sided valleys, and high peaks. The forests also features unique plants, and birds native to the Island.

Be around and about Funchal city

Funchal is also known as the “little Lisbon.” This city also has the second strongest economy in Portugal. The city has both elements of both modernity and traditional Portuguese architecture. There is something for everyone in Funchal; it has all the essence of what defines Madeira.



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