Skiing in Switzerland

When you think of Switzerland, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Do you immediately think of “The Sound of Music” and break into song and strike a Julie Andrews pose, pretending you are atop the lush green hills? Perhaps the very handy and sleekly designed Swiss army knives and fine, rich chocolates come to mind. It makes me think of my all-time favourite – Toblerone – especially of the one my friend received as a recent Christmas gift measuring about three feet long and apparently a total of 23,000 calories! (If you are wondering, the answer is yes, I am helping him chip away at that bar!) Without a doubt, the majestic Swiss Alps must be the ultimate vision that comes to mind as the best skiing in the world has to be on these slopes! So what are you waiting for? What is a better invitation to explore a country than delicious chocolates and the beauty of the Alps? Pack your bags!

Ski Adventures at Adelboden

Whether you are a novice skier or a pro, Switzerland has just what you are looking for. Whether you want to try a run down one of the Olympic ski pathways or just carve your own path through the perfect snow against the backdrop of Mother Nature’s beautiful canvas of mountain peaks and open blue skies, your experience will be incomparable to any other.

Visit Adelboden, a municipality in the Frutigen-Neidersimmental administrative district for one of the Swiss Alps’ top ski resorts and try to conquer the World Cup mountain trail of Chuenisbärgli. Start 1,738 metres above sea level and make you way down, first past about 150 metres of a steep slope onto flatter surface only to finish the run with an extremely challenging and steep slope. If you aren’t confident enough for this World Cup run, you can opt for more friendly (red or blue) runs to get your down the 440 vertical metres. Of course you can reward yourself with the après ski activities and traditional fare at the Chuenisbärgli ski lodge.

Adelboden is a family friendly resort, with extensive ski and snowboard schools available for both youths and adults. As well, there are guided ski and snowboard tours organised by the Alpine School Adelboden, if you are looking for some grand adventures on the slopes. These adventure tours will take you to parts of the slopes that are beyond the marked pistes/areas designated for open access, so remember, ski safe. Stay within the marked areas unless you are on one of these guided tours. There are tours for novice skiers and tours for experts so don’t be afraid to experience the Swiss Alps to the fullest!

For more winter fun and adventure, try the Gran Masta Park, the snow park that is welcoming to beginners and pros alike. Located in the Hahnenmoos area, the snow park offers skiers and snowboarders a chance to take on different runs with rails and jumps to leap on and off of. It’s a great place to let the dare-devil side of you out and try a few tricks to feel like a free-style competitor!

Other Winter Adventures

If you want to try something else on the slopes, look into hang-gliding and get a bird’s eye-view of the winter landscape. Jumps can be made off of various mountains in a tandem jump with a professional or you can take some intensive courses to train-for a solo flight if there is that thrill-seeker in you.

Take a winter walk tour and follow the guides along paths that take you past small brooks, frozen lakes, into the snowy forests, and get a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains. There are several walking tours to choose from.

There is no doubt that you can also go tobogganing/sledging, snowshoeing, tubing, cross-country skiing, dogsledding and more. You can even learn to build an igloo or have a romantic fondue by candlelight in one!

Go to the Adelboden website at to plan your trip to Switzerland’s top resort!



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