The Coolest beaches in Australia

Sun, sand, and surf are the three main reasons why people head to beaches. The three combinations have made beaches one of the preferred places for romantic getaways, weddings, water sports, parties, and honeymoons. If you love enjoying one of the aforementioned activities, then Australia is one of the best bet. Australia has more than 10,000 beaches for exploration. We sample some of these beaches with the following themes: wildlife, beauty and remoteness, and surfing and swimming.

Surfing and swimming

1. The Bells Beach in Victoria

This beach is known as the spiritual epicenter for surfing. It is known for their epic swell that favors experienced surfers. Swimming in this beach is not advisable.

2. The Bryon Bay in New South Wales

These beach gained prominence for its hippy culture of the 1960’s. The elements of the hippy culture is still present in this beach were you are likely to witness events such as communal drumming and meet people who have either waxed their heads, or in dreadlocks. That said, it is the best place for windsurfing, surfing, and swimming.

Best for wildlife

Many Australian beaches especially in Western and Northern Australia have a backdrop of forests, and bushes. The advantage of this is that sunbathing experience is enhanced with rich flora and fauna. If you want this experience, check on this:

1. Rockingham beach in Western Australia

Located an hour from Perth, this clear water beach is home to more than 150 bottlenose dolphins. Guided swimming tours are available.

2. The Bremer Bay beach in Western Australia

The beach is located 180km east of the city of Albany. The main attraction is southern right whale who visits the beach to calve in the months of July to October. Mothers and babies can be seen lolling meters from the shore.

3. Clarkes beach in South Wales

Clarkes facing the Northern side promises plenty of sand. It has a wonderful surfing break located at a pass nearby. You would also like to try the kayaking trips accompanied by dolphins. Whales do come visiting occasionally.

Beauty and Remoteness

When it comes to beaches that resemble paradise, then Australian beaches rank shoulder above the rest. Here are some of them:

1. Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

This beach is renowned for its white, clean, and squeaky sand. Luxury yachts, ferry tours, and boat rides are present. It remoteness is sure to afford one a piece of mind in one of the coolest locations.

2. Hyams beach in New South Wales

This is the whitest beach in the world. The Guinness book of records lists it as the beach with the whitest sand in the world. It is a favorite destination for cashed Sydney residents willing to pay for an experience like no other.

3. Cape Tribulation in Queensland

This beach is surrounded by tropical rainforest and is the closest one can get to paradise especially for the scenery it offers. It is important to note that salt-water crocodiles also love this place and proper advice need to be sought before jumping into the water.



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