The Joy of the Cayman Islands

We often hear of the Cayman Islands in TV shows or film plots as the place to which some money is being sent off-shore to, or maybe one or more of the characters are jet-setting off to the islands to spend the rest of lives living in luxury on the shores of these aquamarine waters, under leaning palm trees as the leaves waft gently above. You are either shown or led to imagine that during the day the skies are clear and piercing blue with only a few bubbly clouds gently sailing by looking like cotton puffs. The evening is envisioned to have the orange glow of the setting sun reflecting amber rays across the ocean, as the twinkling of light bounces off from the tops of each ripple and wave. These are not just invented scenes for Hollywood style scripts. These can be your reality. Book a trip to the Caribbean to witness with your own eyes the magnificence of the islands.

About the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, located in the Western Caribbean, are the three islands that make up the British Overseas Territory known as the Cayman Islands, or rather “Cayman”. When Christopher Columbus came upon these islands in one of his voyages back in 1503, he named the “Las Tortugas” in honor of the numerous sea turtles spotted in the region. Later, Englishman Sir Francis Drake gave the islands its current name, Cayman, drawing this from the name given to one of the island residents, the alligator, or “caiman” as is the word for alligator in Neo-Taino language.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands and is home to about 50, 000 people. The capital city of the region of George Town is located here. There can be no doubt that a variety of financial services are available here as a quick web search for the Cayman will take you to information about banking, investments and real estate, just as quickly as you will come upon information for tourists!

“The Brac”, or Cayman Brac is the mid-sized island at 19 kilometres long, only 30 minutes away from Grand Cayman by air. “Brac” is Gaelic for a bluff and it is this natural feature of the island that inspired its name. Where Grand Cayman can boast having the capital and the economy, the Brac boasts having the highest above sea level point of all three islands at 42 metres.

Little Brac of course is the smallest island and only about 100 people inhabit it on a permanent basis. It is the ideal place for a quiet and laid back getaway as it does not offer up the kind of nightlife and busy city atmosphere of Grand Cayman and so any form of entertainment on Little Cayman will certainly be more of a nature-oriented activity. The late Jacques Cousteau had high praise for the diving here at Little Cayman. There can’t be a better endorsement for the island than the words of Cousteau!

When to Visit the Cayman Islands

The peak season for tourists is right now, between the months of December and April, when the temperatures are the coolest, comfortable and most dry. Average temperatures range between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to the low 80s. May to November is when you will experience more possibilities of rain but in short, quick bursts. However, this adds to the humidity and with average temperatures ranging from the high 80s to the low 90s, heat will be a factor but trust in the ocean activities and cool sea breezes to help temper it. Most people don’t choose to travel during a region’s rainy season so during this down turn in travel, it is possible that travel rates may be lower during this time and tourist traffic will also be low.

The Cayman is not that far away from other popular travel destinations like Miami or Jamaica, so consider visiting the Cayman Islands to experience an unforgettable trip that is not dominated by nightlife and resort-life. Adventure on to Cayman!



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