The One and Only Propeller Island City Lodge

Looking to add a twist to your vacation? If you’re looking for a change from the usual chain hotel, book a night or two at Berlin’s unusual Propeller Island City Lodge. Flying beds, upside down rooms… expect the unexpected at this unique destination!

About Propeller Island City Lodge

The Propeller Island City Lodge is the brainchild of Lars Stroschen, a German artist known for his creative work in various media, especially music. About 15 years ago, Stroschen was renting out rooms in his home for extra income. He developed themes for each of the four rooms that were rented, and these rooms soon became an extension of his work as an artist. It wasn’t long before the popularity of Stroschen’s rooms encouraged him to expand his business, and when the pension hotel in his building became available, Stroschen purchased it and began developing it.

Propeller Island City Lodge


Today, the Propeller Island City Lodge has 30 rooms, each one with its own unique ambience. All furnishings and objects are one-of-a-kind, custom-created by Stroschen, and for this reason, the Propeller Island City Lodge is often considered to be more of an art gallery than a hotel! The hotel’s name comes from the Jules Verne science fiction novel of the same name. In Verne’s story, French musicians travelling along the California coast are diverted to an enormous man-made island that has been designed to traverse the Pacific Ocean.

Rooms and Amenities

The rooms at the Propeller Island City Lodge vary in their strangeness. The creepier rooms will make guests feel as though they have walked into a horror film. These rooms feature crime scene tape, or re-created torture devices. The eerie “Prison Cell Room” is a spot-on duplicate of a prison cell, and even features an exposed toilet in the middle of the room. If you’re really brave, try out the Coffin Room, where- you guessed it- visitors spend the night in a coffin.



For something a little less eerie, try out the beautiful “Glas House” (featuring a bathroom constructed out of old windows and a lovely century-old skylight) or the “Therapy Room”, which is complete a variety of lamps that can be used to customize a calming ambience. One of the most popular rooms is the “Upside Down Room”, which is outfitted with furniture hanging from the ceiling (leaving guests to sleep in cosy boxes under the floorboards). Not every room at the Propeller Island City Lodge has its own washroom. Guests staying in rooms without private bathrooms have use of the well-kept common baths.

Plan your Trip

gallery1mPropeller Island City Lodge is located just outside of the city of Berlin. If you’re arriving from Tegel Airport, you can grab the bus that brings you to Adenauer Platz (30 minutes), and from there it is a short walk to the hotel. Alternatively, you can take a taxi straight from the airport; the ride is about 15 minutes.

The hotel does not have its own parking lot, but parking spaces can be easily found in the surrounding area. Room rates at the hotel generally range from 69€ to 190€ per night, depending on the room. Each additional person in the room is 15€. Breakfast is available for 7€. Reservations can be made online at the hotel’s website, and the hotel strongly encourages potential guests to look at pictures and read the descriptions of each hotel room before booking so that they select the room that best meets their personality and their desires. Guests who stay for a minimum of 4 nights have the option to change their room once, free of charge.

Unlike conventional hotels, the Propeller Island City Lodge doesn’t have a traditional reception desk. Instead, there is an office that is open daily from 8am-12pm. Therefore, it is important to let the hotel know your predicted arrival time.



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