The Top Dos and Don’ts when Looking for a Holiday Rental Property for a Weekend Break

The Top Dos and Don’ts when Looking for a Holiday Rental Property for a Weekend Break

February 8, 2020 Off By Lauren

Holiday rental properties are more popular today than ever, quickly taking the place of traditional or standard hotels for many good reasons. Holiday rentals, for one, are completely private, which means that you can do what you want at any time without worrying about strict hotel rules or schedules or bothering other guests. 

Apart from this, holiday rental properties have a lot to offer in terms of flexibility, as you can cook and prepare your own food, invite guests over for a social evening, and so on. The facilities of such holiday rentals can also be quite impressive, with many featuring indoor or outdoor swimming pools, game rooms, cinema rooms, extensive grounds and gardens, and a lot more. For families or big groups, holiday rentals have become the choice option, especially for weekend breaks. But it’s also best to be careful when you are renting a property for the weekend, as there can be pitfalls if you are unsure of what you are doing. There are also scammers around, so be aware of this as well! Here are the top dos and don’ts when looking for a holiday rental property for a weekend break.

Don’t book property that’s non-existent 

The deal with holiday rental properties is that there are plenty around – but there are plenty of scammers and fakers as well. There have been horror stories of people paying for a weekend break and then finding out at the last minute that the property never existed, or it has occupants who had no idea their property was listed. It’s best to book with a reputable provider of holiday rental properties and check out reviews online as well. You can avoid this pitfall by asking to speak to a real person via phone call rather than just email, and you can also check the history of the property listing as well as its email address – a professional one is often better than just a Gmail email address, for instance.

Do settle your booking with a credit card

If you try to reserve a property directly, you don’t have as much protection. If you pay the booking by credit card, the credit card company will at least be liable for half of it if things go wrong, as long as the bill is more than £100. 

Do check on the area you are planning to visit 

If you are visiting an area for the first time, you will probably do your own research just to find out what it offers in terms of entertainment, dining, outdoor activities, sights and attractions, and so on. But it also pays to find out exactly where the flat, home, or villa is, as these places are often set a bit farther from the centre of the town or city. When you are looking for large country houses to rent for weekends, check the accessibility and proximity to various attractions as well. 

Don’t forget to ask for an email or written agreement 

Once you have found your ideal place and are finalising the details, don’t forget to ask for an email or written agreement from the provider or owner. The agreement should cover some important details such as the overall dates of the booking, the policies on refund, the inclusions, and so on. When all is settled and accounted for, have fun, and enjoy your weekend break!