Things to Consider When Relocating Your Business

Things to Consider When Relocating Your Business

May 19, 2023 Off By Lauren

When you decide to relocate your business, there are many things to consider that could impact the success of the move. From cloud storage and renovations to visiting potential sites and logistics planning, there is a lot of preparation required – but if done correctly it can be extremely rewarding in terms of cost savings and operational efficiency. Let’s see what you should take care of before the big move.

Assess Your Current Space and Needs 

When preparing to relocate, it’s important to assess your current space and needs to determine what you’ll need to bring with you. This could include furniture, security systems, and even your current technology. 

Identify what you will need to bring when relocating, such as furniture, security systems, and technology.

Taking the time to do an inventory and audit of your possessions and identifying any items that may need special attention during the move will help ensure a smooth transition. Keep in mind that proper packing and labeling of items will also be important so that everything arrives at your new location safely and in the right place. While there’s no way to totally eliminate the stress of moving business locations, you can reduce some of it by having a place for everything and putting everything in its place.

Rethink Your Operating Systems and Storage

Speaking of tech, is your upcoming move the right time to switch to Cloud-based operating systems, or upgrade from the one you currently have? It could potentially save you time, space, and money to do so. 

Make the upgrade to Cloud-based software to save physical space.

By transitioning to cloud-based systems, businesses can seamlessly move from one location to another without any hiccups. There are fewer file cabinets and physical computer hardware to move, and potentially lose or damage when your business operates via the cloud.

With the ability to access critical data and applications from anywhere at any time, the cloud provides a level of flexibility and agility that is hard to match. Additionally, there’s more security for your information. Sequoia Group predicts that in part thanks to the 2020 pandemic, Cloud-based tech will continue to support our new, more flexible working environments. 

Cloud storage solutions have become a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike, offering flexibility and convenience that physical storage simply can’t match. With so many options available, it’s easy to find a cloud-based storage solution that meets your specific needs. 

Other Ways to Update

With a clean slate ahead of you, it’s probably time to consider other ways you can update and upgrade your business’s operating systems. Sequoia Group offers automation and warehouse management systems for a variety of industries, but the solutions they apply solve universal problems:

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)
  • eCommerce Management
  • Document Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Sales Tax
  • Rate Shopping Automation
  • Software Integration

Cloud-based or not, if you need to improve efficiency, now’s a great time to implement changes for your new location.

Find an Appropriate Location

Before settling on a new location, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on the zoning laws and building codes in the area. Failure to do so could result in costly fines or delays in opening the new location. It’s also crucial to evaluate the feasibility of the desired move, taking into account factors such as the availability of resources, accessibility to customers, and potential competition. 

Research local zoning laws for the new location, confirm applicable building codes, and evaluate the feasibility of your desired move.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Commercial Property

Whether you need a lot that’s zoned as strictly commercial or as mixed-use, here are tips for finding the right property:

  • Buy vs Rent (which best suits your budget and needs?)
  • Exterior Aesthetics (does it currently match your brand, can it be renovated?)
  • Location (how accessible is it, what’s the competition like in the area?)
  • Operational Costs (utilities, security, lawn care, etc…)

Once you know what you want and can afford, rely on the expertise of a commercial real estate agent to help you check off all the boxes and find your perfect place.

Hire a Site Inspection Professional Before Building

In addition to ensuring the lot you’ve picked is zoned for the type of business you own, it’s important to have a proper site inspection before building or renovating your new space. Trained professionals, such as engineers, are experts at identifying potential safety hazards, and it’s part of their job to ensure the site is suitable for the improvements you want to make.

Make sure all safety measures are taken into consideration when constructing a new business location.

By investing in a site inspection upfront, businesses can save themselves from potential accidents and costly lawsuits down the road. Curious to learn more about how site planning and inspections save time and money? The experts at Anderson Engineering state that some of the benefits of site planning include:

  • Fewer Surprises
  • Better Team Coordination
  • REgulatroy Compliance
  • Insurance Approval
  • Understanding of Construction Costs Up-Front
  • Environmental Considerations

Don’t skimp on safety – hire a site inspection professional and build with peace of mind.

Renovating Your New Space?

What if you’ve found the perfect location that fits your budget, but it needs some upgrades to better serve your business and customers? Be sure that you have the right to renovate, whether you’re renting or have purchased the property. Once you’re in the clear, you want to ensure you hire professionals to assess the current condition of your new location and offer design solutions and expert installation.

Burbach Companies, based in Utah, knows that location is often the driving force behind purchasing or renting real estate. They also know that it can be hard to envision the best version of your commercial property without help. When looking for contractors who can help bring out the best of your office or retail space’s exterior, look for ones like Burbach who offer everything in one place:

  • Comprehensive Design Renderings
  • New Construction or Renovations
  • Siding
  • Stucco
  • Brick and Stone Work (both veneer and natural products)
  • Rain Gutters
  • Soffit and Fascia

The same goes for any interior remodeling you need; look for reputable contractors with years of experience and reviews. If they offer no-obligation consultations, even better! You’ll get a feel for the type of work they can offer, and if it meets your vision and expectations regarding budget and timeline.

Establish a Relocation Budget 

When planning a move, establishing a relocation budget is essential to avoid any unexpected expenses. One of the first steps is to get quotes from movers and packers to determine the cost of transportation and packing materials. It’s also important to consider any necessary repairs or renovations in the new home, such as painting or fixing plumbing issues. 

Get quotes from movers and packers, and hire professionals for necessary repairs or renovations.

Hiring professionals for these tasks may seem like an unnecessary, added expense, but it can actually save money in the long run; professional movers are efficient and can save you time packing and loading/unloading moving trucks.

Moving a business isn’t easy, but with the right preparations and considerations, it can be a smooth transition.