Thinking of taking your first cruise? Here’s why you should

river cruiseWhen river cruising for the first time, it can be difficult to know what to expect. For many people, a cruise isn’t necessarily the first thing to jump to mind when you picture your dream holiday, but with luxurious accommodation, oodles of space in which to relax and thousands of fantastic activities to fill your day, cruises are now more popular than ever. If you are someone who loves adventure and seeing the world, then nothing beats a cruise trip where you’ll have a new view outside your window every day!

Cruising the seas costs less than you think

Whilst over the years, cruise holidays have incurred a reputation as the exclusive preserve of the super-rich, the idea that they are unaffordable has long since become outdated. For those looking for good value trips abroad, they don’t come better than cruises which include entertainment and on-board meals as well as fun extras including guided tours, swimming pools, dance lessons and even golf. A trip on a cruise liner is perfect for families and couples in search of good value holiday packages!


Expand your horizons

If you fancy something a bit different, then a cruise might be just the ticket. As well as being able to boast to your nearest and dearest that you had a luxury holiday you can enjoy all the fun of a brand new experience totally unlike staying in a hotel, motel or resort. Cruise ships have changed greatly in recent years and the new vessels such as Viking Star are elegant, stylish and intuitively designed to ensure a truly wonderful experience for all its guests. Whether you want to meet like-minded people, try delicious new foods or take the opportunity to do some reading, it’s easier than ever to enjoy every single moment right up to your arrival.

Get some truly relaxing quality time


Adrift at sea, away from all the distractions of work and home, a cruise is the perfect excuse to rediscover quality time with your loved ones. With entertainment and meals included, you can enjoy a fulfilling family meal or even enjoy a romantic date knowing the kids are being looked after. One of the most marvellous cruise activities – and definitely not one to overlook – is grabbing a cocktail and watching the sunset over the water. Nothing will help you locate that feeling of inner peace faster than an orange sky over shimmering blue water.




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