Weekend Getaways in Hong Kong

Weekend Getaways in Hong Kong

June 10, 2020 Off By Lauren

Hong Kong is a busy, bustling city with an endless list of activities to engage in over the weekends. For a lot of the locals, a day trip on a secluded and scenic island will be a perfect weekend getaway. Islands in Hong Kong are some of the most popular locations for dates and family outing. Plan your weekend getaways ahead of time and fly to Hong Kong! Here’s our selection of six destinations for your next weekend getaway:

Cheung Chau

1. Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is famous for its annual Bun Festival, which takes place during the fourth lunar month and offers some exciting spectacles such as the Bun Scrambling Competition and Piu Sik Parade. But all year round, you can easily have a fun-filled day on this island. The island is home to some of the most special street foods in Hong Kong. Fish balls are a must-try here, which come in different sizes and flavours here. Another delightful snack is the peanut ice cream ball at Tin Yin Dessert, which is heavenly delicious! There are many more desserts to try out here that you’d be wise to go with an empty stomach. To go to Cheung Chau, you can take the ferry from Central Pier, which takes around 40 minutes of travelling time.

2. Lamma Island

Situated southwest of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island is the city’s third largest island. Over the years, the island has morphed into a symbol of slow living and multicultural diversity. The tranquil and picturesque landscape attracts visitors who could be tourists or locals over the weekends. There are a wide range of activities you can indulge in on this island. Hiking here is family friendly, which only takes about an hour to finish and covers a 3 kilometer long trail. Getting your feet wet and soaking up the sun at the famous attraction Hung Shing Yeh Beach is another family-friendly activity. There is a barbecue area where you can enjoy some delicious grilled food by the sea. To go to Lamma Island, take the ferry from Central Pier and the ride only takes about twenty minutes. 

Ngong Ping

3. Ngong Ping

Ngong Ping is home to the majestic Big Buddha statue, which is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong. It is worth a visit whether you are religious or not. Take on the challenge to climb up 200 staircases to the top! Po Lin Monastery is situated near the statute, where you can have the experience of a vegetarian meal at a monastery. To go to Ngong Ping, you can take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, which features a glass bottom that allows passengers to have a bird eye’s view of the beautiful scenery at their feet. 

4. Tung Ping Chau

Tung Ping Chau, also known as Ping Chau, is home to some of the strangest rock formations in the city. One of the famous rock formations is named Kang Lau Shek, which means a rock watching over a tower. It is two tall rock pillars standing at the shoreline. A diverse ecosystem is thriving on this island as well. You can take on the Peng Chau Country Trail which takes you across the island before ending at the beach, where you may be lucky enough to capture some beautiful fish and coral with your camera.  After the hike, you and your companions can rest and grab a bite at one of the restaurants, some of which only open at the weekends.To get to the island, take the ferry at Ma Liu Shui Pier. The traveling time is approximately 1.5 hours. 

5. Tung Lung Chau

Tung Lung Chau is certainly a less touristy option among Hong Kong’s islands. For rock climbing enthusiasts, this island offers some of the best spots with varying difficulty in the city. Hiking is the alternative activity here, if you are not into rock climbing. There are several hiking routes to be explored here on the island, depending on your preferences and experience. Nonetheless, you will surely be greeted with amazing views of the sea and run into bizarre rock formations occasionally. The Tung Lung Chau Fort is one of the checkpoints not to be missed. It was built to guard against pirates a few hundred years ago. The declared monument is located at the north eastern tip of the island. To go to Tung Lung Chau, take the ferry from Sam Ka Tsuen Public Pier in Yau Tong. 

Tai O

6. Tai O

Dubbed as “Venice of Hong Kong”, Tai O is located on the northern part of Lantau Island. It is a famous fishing village with stilt houses, which makes it a unique location for some photogenic landscape photos. The Tai O market is a must-visit while you are on the island. Filled with mouth-watering local delicacies, such as egg waffles, shrimp and pork pizza-rolls, and other local snacks, the street market is a mini food paradise. Besides food stalls, you will also find the traditional salted fish in the market, which is hard to miss with its strong smell. Dried seafood is a popular souvenir to bring home. To go to Tai O, you can take bus No. 11 to Tai O bus terminus.

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