5 Reasons Why More Businesses People Should Take Advantage of Day Hotels

5 Reasons Why More Businesses People Should Take Advantage of Day Hotels

January 24, 2019 Off By Lauren

Day hotels are becoming increasingly popular in cities like London. DayBreakHotels.com is one of the many companies offering day hotel use at affordable rates. With many constant emerging trends in the hospitality industry such as Airbnb, one may wonder what a day hotel is. It is a hotel that allows the client the flexibility to book a room for use the same day. Because of the convenience offered by technology and the internet, booking day hotels is just a click away. Whether one chooses to download an application or visit the website, this new way of hooking rooms is attractive to many clients. Business people especially would appreciate this service the most because they are always on the move. Some advantages of booking day hotels for business people include:

1. Affordable Rates

Booking a room for the time that one needs is an excellent way to save money for any traveler. Business people spend the majority of their time in conference rooms/halls for meetings.

For this reason, getting a room only for the time one needs it will not only save the company some money but also allow clients the freedom to explore all affordable alternatives. Some hotels offer up to 70% off the night price which is a great deal. Excellent day hotels offer free cancellation, and no credit card is required policies.

2. Convenience

A business trip can be hard to predict as some meetings may take longer than others. Being able to book a room when one needs it is very convenient. Day hotels also offer additional amenities such as conference rooms that business people can use to conduct their activities. The possibility to book the rooms and services (spa, pool, restaurant, meeting room, etc.) together or on their own is an attractive offer.

3. Great for leisure and business

Despite being in a professional setting all day, day hotels offer its clients amenities for relaxations. The availability of pools, spas, saunas, restaurants among others is a great way to combine both business and pleasure. Some also provide activities for individuals and groups to unwind and mingle.

4. Ideal for layovers and airport delays

Who wouldn’t like to spend their time during long layovers in a nice hotel room? Some hotels offer rooms by the hour or minutes making it easier for travelers to go rest ad change before proceeding with their journey.

5. Business tailored services

Business people can book day hotels that cater attentively to their needs. Some hotels can host meetings for their clients and offer infrastructure for them to connect with other people for conference calls. Fast internet in the hotel can help the client reply to emails in the comfort of their room. Because of the tight schedule, clients can use the rooms to freshen up and change for the next meeting. For the optimal experience, business people need to find a day hotel that caters to all their needs in house.

At DayBreakHotels.com, one rents rooms for hours during the day to help hotels in filling empty rooms while catering to the needs of the client. Visit the website or download the DayBreakHotels app for free to find incredible deals on day rooms.