5 Things to Know Before Moving to Jacksonville

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Jacksonville

October 11, 2022 Off By Lauren

Moving to Florida can feel like you’re aiming for a lifetime of vacations and fun, and in Jacksonville, that’s true!  This awesome area has a mix of big city and little town vibes that allow you to pick an entirely different lifestyle based on where you land in the city.

These are the top things to know before you consider moving out here and why this is such an exciting area!

Fun Nightlife and Culture

If there’s one thing Action-ville is known for, it’s having fun!  The nightlife scene here is wild, with countless bars and clubs to let you party to your heart’s content.  Drinks are generally affordable, the crowds skew young, and the music is always great.  You’ll feel invigorated every night and have an incredible time getting to know the locals and vacationers that pass through.

Living is Affordable

Although Florida is expensive, in general, Jacksonville will surprise you!  This city comes in at 10% lower than the national average and allows people to stretch their dollars a little further.  Unfortunately, there is a second edge to this, and that’s that the average income is lower here.  With an average income of $37,880, you might not be able to afford all of the glitz and glam you want, but if you bring in a telecommuting job that pays higher, you can live like royalty! 

The Job Market is Growing

The job market in Jacksonville continues to grow!  Although the main industries are hospitality, tourism, and communications, you can find plenty of work in any industry you’re interested in!  From the countless tech start-ups to a large number of hotels and new businesses that spring up every day, you’ll get the chance to start a fresh career path or keep chasing your dreams.  

Awesome Location Year Round

The location is king in Florida!  Jacksonville is trapped between the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean, allowing endless waterfront views depending on whether you want ocean or riverfront property!  Because this city is on the upper east side of Florida, it’s hit less often than most by hurricanes and is able to handle the season a little better.  This means you don’t have to fear the late summer or early fall when it makes its way back around every year.

Real Estate is a Great Investment Here

Although you won’t get any money back from settling down in one of the Jacksonville apartments for rent, buying property here is a great way to watch your finances boom over time.  All property in Florida quickly gains value, and Jacksonville is no different.  Getting it now, while it’s cheap and affordable, will give you the chance to sell it later on for a massive profit.  This could be great savings for your retirement or an investment in the future of your children and grandchildren.

Jacksonville Can Be a Dream Come True

Jacksonville is one of the most exciting areas in the country!  If you’re ready to cut loose and have fun every day, get ready to move to this incredible little city.