5 Things You Should Do in Puerto Vallarta  

5 Things You Should Do in Puerto Vallarta  

November 8, 2021 Off By Lauren

Puerto Vallarta is so much more than just a place to drink margaritas and get a tan on the beach. There’s a reason why Puerto Vallarta is one of the most sought-after destinations in all of Mexico. Beyond just being a tourist hotspot, there are plenty of cultural pockets to discover at every turn. 

The best part is it’s appropriate for everyone of all ages. Whether you’re entering retirement, or you’re a student on a tight travel budget, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at some things you must absolutely do while you’re in Puerto Vallarta. 

Go For a Walk in The Zona Romantica 

In Spanish, Zona Romantica means the “romantic zone.” It’s a wonderful place to connect with your sweetie and enjoy wonderful and (you guessed it) romantic surroundings. Most people love this area because it’s not as filled with tourists as other parts of the city. However, it’s sti tourist-friendly and full of wonderful shops to go to, and plenty of delicious restaurants to check out. It’s also full of loads of fun bars if you want to have fun on a night out. 

Eat Tacos 

Can you really say that you visited Mexico if you don’t enjoy tacos for at least one night? You can’t miss the multitude of Taco stands sprinkled throughout Puerto Vallarta. Most of them are considered safe, and incredibly affordable. Although there are some tourist-favorite stands, you should always ask the locals where they think the best tacos are. One of the best indications of whether a taco stand is good is how many locals you see eating at it. Thank us later!

Go to Los Muertos 

What kind of vacation would it be without a day at the beach? Head over to Los Muertos Beach where you can rent a palapa and enjoy the view. Whether you want to go jet skiing or buy jewelry from one of the many vendors that will come up to your beach chair, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained in this part of town Remember, the palapas are usually associated with a restaurant, and you will be required to pay for on.  Unless of course, you’re staying at one of the hotels, in which case a beach palapa may come included with your reservation. 

Take a Boat to Yelapa 

Most people are familiar with the mainland, however, fewer people are familiar with the gorgeous beach of Yelapa about 30 minutes boat ride away. Since it’s only accessible by boat, there are fewer tourists there. It’s truly an authentic local experience, and full of breathtaking views. 

Best of all, the water is clear blue which makes a great chance for snorkeling or enjoying a private boat ride!

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